These Mind Splatterings…

I mentioned a few inspirations behind my other blog in the first post there, so thought I might do something similar for Mind of a Lunatic. The difference being that this blog was made on an impulse, directly inspired by the contents of an ‘About’ page of another blog I was reading through called Just Write; it’s a succinct statement about what the blog is all about, but the first line grabbed me right away, “This is a blog, but it’s more like my mind being opened for everyone to see my inner thoughts and deepest emotions. There’s isn’t a topic I can’t cover.” I have a lot of random streams of though, some less organized than others, and there’s really nothing I want to restrict myself from – and given the nature of the other blog I set up a few days ago, I hadn’t yet set up an outlet for that kind of unbound writing.

I might find myself thinking about (and maybe free-writing on) just about anything, from posts on other blogs to a song I just listened to… really, similar to what is said in the page that inspired this blog, there isn’t necessarily a topic I won’t cover. I say “won’t” instead of “can’t” because to be perfectly honest I don’t intend for this to be perfection. It’s likely to be a messy experience from today onward, with whatever I might decide to write about.


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