Sex & Violence

I’ve always enjoyed erotic fiction, but  don’t know how much it’s ever been for the skill of the author… I guess I’ll have to try to try my hand at it one way or another before passing any sort of ‘final judgement’ on it, but it seems to me that all a good bit of it requires of the author is a vivid and arousing fantasy and the ability to describe it as if it were really happening. I imagine the hardest part is actually putting it out there for others to read, and that’s where my respect for it usually goes. Someone had the nerve to post it. I can’t help but respect that because I just finished a fragment of flash fiction (current working title: Lock & Key) that centers around a sexual situation, and even with a pen name to hide behind I find myself hesitant to post it.

Having addressed what I had in mind for the “Sex” of this posts title, I suppose I should throw something in relating to the “Violence” part…

The story I mention might be a sort of origin story for a character in a separate, unfinished flash fiction story, a seductive murderer that was originally inspired by one of Oteps newest songs. Although inspired by different things and not originally connected, they might end up being centered around the same murderous woman, with ‘Lock & Key’ giving a bit of insight into why she is the way she is, and where she came from; it might be a beginning to explaining what shaped her into what she is.


2 thoughts on “Sex & Violence

  1. I post a lot of erotica and I don’t personally have any problem with people knowing it was me. This is obviously a psudonym but people in my ‘Real Life’ also read it. I don’t understand why there’s such a stigma around it. But I *do* agree that there’s a lot out there that’s fresh, unedited ‘raw’ erotica, and I don’t really feel it personally though I can see that a lot of people do. Mine isn’t perfect, of course it’s not, but I can’t read things where the author hasn’t at least done spelling and grammar checks! That’s what you should be worried about – quality. Not what people will think of you. I just let people decide whether or not to read it. If erotica isn’t their thing, I’m quite happy for them to miss out rather than give me any grief about it.

    I hope you manage to get brave and get your stuff out there, if that’s what you want to do 😀

    D x


    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 .

      The funny thing is I’m generally pretty open, and I think, for me, the aversion comes from the fact that I’m using facets of my imagination that have always been deeply private. There’s an element of vulnerability that I’m familiar with and usually have very little trouble overcoming, but with this the sense of being vulnerable is… a higher intensity, I guess you could say.

      I am going get it out there though, so no worries on that (with proper spelling and grammar to boot haha) 😉 .


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