A Hypocrites Advice on Introspection (Pt. 2)

The first post entitled ‘A Hypocrites Advice on Introspection’ was short and sweet: eight words. But I’d like to elaborate on the sentiment I expressed even at the risk of muddying up the succinct, straight to the point statement originally made. If it gets lost you can always refer to the original post.

Learning about yourself, analyzing, thinking, inspecting, contemplating… et cetera ad naseum are all indulgences. The hypocrisy here is that I chose to indulge in this activity because it’s in my nature, and I do what comes naturally to me. This is something I think you should do to; that is, I believe you should embrace your true nature, whatever it may be. But the point I want to get across, even if you and I have this maddening tendency to self-examine in common, is that ultimately learning about yourself, knowing yourself, and being yourself don’t depend on your understanding of yourself. Not in an abstract or intellectual way anyways.

If you want to discover the kind of person you are then be yourself, make choices, act on them, do whatever sits right with you, trust your instincts and feelings (both intuitive and emotive) and rather than speculate (which I’ve found to be far more the case), reflect.


Think about your actions and what they say about you. What do they say about you, what do they show you? Articulate and describe to yourself what you’re seeing in the mirror, and forego the (more or less useless) chore of trying to figure out what you did wrong, what you could have done better, what you want to see, etc. Anything you can pull out of your ass can substitute convincingly of course, but the fact is your reflection is already there, and if you don’t like what you see there’s not really much to wonder about. Change it; make a choice and act, continue to be who you are and actively evolve. Sitting around theorizing doesn’t amount to shit, especially if that’s all you do.


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