Limitations of a Lunatic

Looking at my stats here, I noticed that someone found my blog with the following search term: “what are limitations of lunatic”. Good question; what are my limitations? The answer is that I don’t really know anymore. I know I have limitations and often indulge in defining them, but lately I’ve just been doing what I do, returned to a state of being not unlike the way serial killers like Dexter Morgan and Hannibal Lecter are portrayed. Which isn’t to say I’ve started killing people haha, far from it. No, what I mean is that I’ve just been a lot less thoughtful, not as bogged down by over-thinking or self-doubt.

I actually wrote a post relating to this already (on introspection) and may write another as an elaboration of the first one, but all the same I’ll come at it here to.

Thinking, reflecting, and dwelling are a lot like the brakes on a car or motorcycle. You need to slow down for turns and intersections sometimes, and you need to stop at red lights and stop signs. But you’re going to start having problems if you come to a dead stop to make a nice, easy right turn or if you stop at a red light and continue to sit there after it turns green. And something I’ve learned firsthand recently in riding my new bike: keep your head and eyes up, focused on where your going and with a conscious awareness of your immediate surroundings, and you know when, where, and how to slow, stop, or go. It’s instinctual.

Learning to ride over the last few weeks, I’ve found the bike itself to be a conduit to my true nature; that is to say my simpler, more honest, animalistic nature. Over-thinking and focusing on the wrong shit, taking your eye off the ball, can land you on your ass pretty quick. I still have to look down at the speedometer to check my speed and find my eyes wandering down every now and then when I shift, but whenever my attention goes elsewhere it always needs to come right back to the oncoming pavement, the traffic, and the road ahead. If it doesn’t, if I indulge in my tendency to look downward for to long and I don’t just trust my instincts, I’m liable to wreck my bike and fuck up my body.

Be what you are – make choices and act on them – and there are no limitations.


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