Growing Through Limitation

“Be what you are – make choices and act on them – and there are no limitations.”
~Me (Limitations of a Lunatic)

I said the above because that’s what it feels like. But I think it can also be a very misleading statement. See, I know full well the value of limitation and yet… I find myself saying something like that. It’s a contradiction because I also stand by the idea that less can be more, that limitation forces growth or decay (and that whichever happens to you is what you deserve). So as a counterweight to my own words, here are a few words from others…

“The absence of limitations is the enemy of art.”
~Orson Welles

“I put everything I own in storage except movies. I let my unconscious and subconscious just run the show, and I knew if I wanted to become something, I had to put limitations on myself. If you give me a piece of paper and a pencil, you only have so many options: You can stab someone with it. You can write a love letter. You can draw a picture. You can wipe your ass with it. You can make paper cuts. There are only so many options, but those limitations really create strength and from that comes creativity-  which is what I had from the beginning. Nothing in front of me, no money. I had the pen and the paper, like when I first had to hustle the guy at Kinko’s into printing the flyers for free.”
~Marilyn Manson in a 2012 interview

You cannot surpass limits that never existed.

In order to evolve, you have to have a defined form that undergoes changes.

…how else can I put it?

You’ve got to have rules and/or limits in order to break them.


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