Clever Boys and Girls (Including Yours Truly)

These days with the internet, everybody thinks they know everything and that if they don’t, it’s just a mouse-lick away. So there’s a lot of people out there that are just, well, full of shit. Pseudo-intellectuals, know-it-alls, and bright young things; clever boys and girls of the world. I know I’m one to talk, but you know… I sometimes don’t feel like posting a quote I like or a clever one-liner because that’s what everyone seems to do. And it makes it seem less clever. These days, you’ve got to be working hard or really lucky to find a quote that’s both unfamiliar and worth sharing.

That’s not going to stop me from posting whatever the hell I feel like posting but it really does dilute how much ego-stroking you can do, and how clever you can feel from posting a good line or two. At least for me. But I think that for others, you can take my tone to be more sardonic than anything else. Everybody thinks they’re more than they are these days… or else they don’t think they’re good enough, which is just as irritating (lol but only loosely related). I’m speaking in broad strokes of course, but I’d be surprised if anybody wanted to try and tell me it ain’t common.

(You’ll have to forgive my bouncing back and forth as I go – mainly in reference to the ‘me’ and ‘them’ and the people I assert are full of themselves and the ones that aren’t full enough of themselves – because I’ve been awake through the night and can’t even be sure I’m totally making sense… because a) I’m just going to go ahead and post this and b) you aren’t likely to show up on my doorstep to make me say sorry or promise I’ll do better :p . I mean, you don’t have to forgive it, but it would be a waste of time for you to do anything else.)

(Originally posted on April 8th, 2013)



2 thoughts on “Clever Boys and Girls (Including Yours Truly)

  1. One of the things lost to our “click away” technology is the fun of, ability to or simply attempting pondering thoughts creatively. The simple exploration of an idea can be cut off at the legs by someone searching for the answer on their phone instead of just talking something through for the hell and fun of it. Clever quotes could be on their way out…pushed out of existence by imogees and keyboard graphics. Now that’s a sad thought. I like your “whatever the hell” this is.

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    • Haha, thank you 🙂 . It’s a sad that in some respects, for sure, but then again… every generation seems to find a new way (or an old one) to get its rocks off. Maybe over time the internet will get flooded with pics and graphics, but maybe that’ll give way to a ressurgence of popularity in clever one-liners. And it might get scarce (or maybe just harder to notice) but nothing really beats figure things out on my own… exploring possibilities, trying to puzzle things out on their own… just for the fun of it. My hope would be that there’s always going to be someone out there who finds pleasure in that kind of thing.


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