Valentine’s Day

I almost feel like I should say something about Valentine’s Day, but I have no idea where I would begin. You see, unlike the love/hate relationship most people seem to have with the holiday… I don’t much care about it one way or the other. If I weren’t single right now I’m sure I’d have used it as an excuse to express affection and appreciation for the person I’m with, but even if I were involved with someone, it wouldn’t be more than a convenient excuse to do what I like to do for people I love. That, and only that, is the value of Valentine’s Day.

I don’t care about the consumerism, or the advertising, or anything else beyond that. Except, I guess, that the money-making holiday has one nice perk that others days don’t (besides it being an excuse to do something): if I want to go for flowers, or a card, or anything else like that, I’ve got plenty to choose from. That there are products aplenty catering to someone like me, that would use the day as an opportunity to “be romantic” (especially if I had cash on hand for the occasion), is something I can appreciate.


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