Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Rules to be Followed

•Nominate 15 blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award.
(Inform them that they’ve been nominated.)
•Share 7 things about yourself.
•Be sure to thank the nomination-bestower.
•Display the Award On Your Blog

A Word of Thanks

Like most of the people I’ve seen accepting this award, I am going to be following the rules in the reverse order of what you see up above, for the most part. So first thing’s first: I’d like to thank Candice Mizell for being the first to nominate me at her blog. I’d encourage anyone reading this to go check it out: Carving Out A Space. Now as for that vanity list…

The Vanity List

◊ I’m a shameless smoker. Depending on the day, and what I happen to be doing, I tend to smoke anywhere between 1 to 3 packs a day. My brand of choice is Marlboro Reds. The way I look at it, it’s not just a habit, it’s an impure indulgence, and a part of who I am.

◊ September 16th is my birthday, which makes me a Virgo. Not that I put a whole lot of stock in horoscopes – especially not the ones that are put together lazily – but it’s sometimes interesting to see just how accurate astrological assertions can be, if only in a general sense.

◊ I’ve only ever gone by one other name on the internet. Used it for years, and I’ve only just recently set it aside (along with just about everything attached to it). I’ll never tell what it was.

◊ One of my favorite authors is Clive Barker. I’ve had a few of his books for years, including The Hellbound Heart, but I recently added a few more to my collection (The Inhuman Condition (Vol. 4 of the Books of Blood) and Mister B. Gone) and I plan to add more.

◊ Poetry is something I really like to write. You probably won’t see it here very often though: I kind of have to be in the mood for it, otherwise it feels forced and (to me) that shows through.

◊ I own two motorcycles (a 650cc Yamaha and a 250cc Suzuki), which I’ve neglected horribly since getting. Which sucks, because I have virtually zero experience on the road. I’d rather get some experience on the smaller one first, something went wrong recently and it won’t start.

◊ I suck at painting. I love visual arts and I enjoy the imagery others can conjure onto a canvas, but I have zero talent and not nearly enough passion or patience to develop any skill with it. Maybe that’s a part of why I like writing; it’s another way to conjure, to create.

My Fifteen Nominations

♦ My Muted Voice

♦ Cristian Mihai’s Blog

♦ A Dissolute Life Means…

♦ Ravemore’s Notes

♦ Fluid Morality

♦ Strange Flowers

♦ The AntiNietzsche

♦ Schmerz…

♦ Boy With A Hat

♦ Rantings From The Void

♦ Kelly Hartland

♦ Eric’s Universe

♦ Reagent Post

♦ Thoughts of a Lunatic

♦ Rebel Without a Soul

Now I’ve just got to notify everybody. It’s funny… at first I thought it might be hard to come up with fifteen, but as it turns out the hard part was narrowing down who to include here. That’s a bit of a relief though, because I’ve still got a second award to accept (and fifteen more nominees to come up with).


9 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Oh another shameless smoker, I though we were all but extinct. Even those who still smoke try to keep it secret or talk of trials of giving up.

    Congrats on your blog by the way I can see why you were nominated.


    • Yeah, it seems we’re pretty few and far between; my grandfather and I are the only ones that come immediately to mind. It fascinates me how the “socially acceptable” shifts the way it does.


      • Oh don’t get me started I have a whole soapbox style rant on the changing face of propriety especially racially motivated drug laws throughout history.


    • Haha, that’s awesome 😀 . Thanks for the nomination man, I really appreciate it. This…

      “I told you last time I nominated you for your ability to make me stop and think, and I now insist that your skill has not wavered.”

      …means a lot too; thank you for that. Hopefully I won’t disappoint as time goes on.

      It might be a while before I get to an acceptance post, but I’ll get to it eventually 😉 .


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