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There is a difference between writing and blogging. Opinionated Man has touched on it more than a few times over on each of his blogs, and his way of looking at it is pretty much in line with mine. With the exception of an occasional poem (like my last post), my writing is posted on my other blog. It’s fiction, and it’s art. Not necessarily ‘good’ art of course (I’m pretty new at this after all), but that’s where my writing is at. This here, Mind of a Lunatic, is a more personal, explicitly self-centered, and casual medium. It’s very much a blog. I post quotes I like, music videos that capture me, and thoughts I feel like sharing. It’s blatantly all about me.

My perspectives, feelings… whatever. Mine.

Writing – or rather, all art – is amazingly self-centric to, no matter who you are, but a writer is far more hidden in works of art than he is in a journal. Each character is a fragment of him or herself, every story a piece of their soul. But they’re each crafted, shaped, tightened up, and presented as something that stands on it’s own. To the story, an author is just a name on the top of a post or the cover of a book. Anything more than that is left for the reader to guess at, reading in between the lines, or for the author to explain if he or she is willing (and assuming there’s enough brilliance in a piece of work to generate an independent interest in its creator).


8 thoughts on “Writing & Blogging

    • Exactly! That particular word (“release”) seems to shift the way I look at it, actually, but for the better. Makes me wonder… what might be released from the hidden recesses of our own minds, in a way where we can see it and understand it, just by reading? Kind of like a certain smell or sound can trigger a memory… a turn of phrase or lone word can lead to and trigger a realization.


  1. It was good for me to read this. I’m new to ‘blogging’ and not really sure what it’s meant to be – so I did what I thought was right. Nice to know I’m close. Now I find it good to be able to release me, once in a while whilst I write fiction subsuming me within the characters and the plots.


    • Glad it was helpful Pat 🙂 . Out of curiosity… I know you’ve got an official website, but do you only blog on your Facebook page, or do you also have a seperate site? (I wasn’t sure, so I thought I would go ahead an ask.)


  2. Love it – All about Me, in a way I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m doing too. I mean I write about other people but it is my perspective, or my interest or my cause that I’m promoting. In a way that’s one of the best things about blogging as compared to life – don’t need to censor our opinion (not that I’m real good at that in general anyway) if people don’t like it they can say why and we’ll chat or they can bugger off – no biggie. Great post and thanks for sharing YOU


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