The Quality of Writing

(Thoughts Incited By: Those Flase Writers)

There are some things I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do when it comes to “bad writing”. I just can’t, it goes against what comes naturally to me at this point. I have to say though, most of those things are horribly basic. They’re just ingrained from my years in elementary school, junior high, and high school. I payed attention, learned what was taught, and while my technical skill (my ability to write ‘properly’) has suffered out of neglect and laziness over the last few years there’s still a lot that I probably couldn’t shake if I tried to.

See, I’m pretty new to voluntarily writing anything story-like, and I’m not perfect. In fact I often find myself putting in subtle jabs (at myself) when I write about my own experiences thus far. I make no secret that – at this point in time – I’m just playing around, experimenting, and exploring. In the world of writing, I am presently an amateur and a nobody. That being said though, regular use of the lowercase “i” in reference to oneself is a good example of something that I just don’t understand, and I really can’t help but look down on it.

To put it another way, if I don’t consider myself to be very good or skilled, and “my writing” versus “your writing” equates to “gold” versus “feces” then I tend to regard it accordingly. Which is to say, I tend to regard your writing as a piece of shit.

I feel like I need to point something out though: I very rarely come across something I would sincerely call shitty – or, if I do, I don’t tend to read through it enough to commit it to memory. Translation: if I’m subscribed to your blog, it’s extremely unlikely that I think your writing is horrible; if I did, I wouldn’t have subscribed to your blog. I wouldn’t know who you are, and you probably wouldn’t know who I am. And if I’ve read posts on your site but haven’t subscribed, it’s usually because you and/or your points of focus just don’t interest me.

Bad writing is out there though. You can probably run into it without looking for it, and you’ll definitely find plenty if you search it out.

“The world is a hellish place, and bad writing is destroying the quality of our suffering.”
~Tom Waits


8 thoughts on “The Quality of Writing

  1. Writing takes practice. I can recognize my own shitty writing when I read it. In the moment, you can convince yourself ‘this is good’ then you read it later, see all your grammar/punctuation abuse and it’s like EGADs!

    I think even if you pen something shitty, you ca learn from it.

    Really shitty writing is that incoherent blather you can barely read. It makes no point, doesn’t flow and your smacked in the face with a period or comma that just makes you stop reading it.


    • Couldn’t agree with you more; in fact, as far as my own writing seeming good enough until I (re)read it, I think I probably could have touched on that, in itself, in this post. Definitely something for me to learn from for future reference.


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