Happy Easter

A few holiday themed pictures I was exposed to earlier today…

Evil Easter Bunny

Evil Easter Bunny – Created by Adri Of The Dead on Deviant Art

I’m not really much for this particular holiday, but apparently I’m not the only one that enjoys the idea of corrupting it into something a little more horrific, or a little more… charming.

A Not So Evil Easter Bunny

A Not So Evil Easter Bunny – Image Source Unknown

Although to be fair, I guess I could have looked for some Zombie Jesus pictures.
That would’ve been pretty in line with the religious undertones of the day.

Demon Bunnies

Demon Bunnies – Image Source Unknown

In any case, have a Happy Easter.


One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. The last photo made sure I won’t be sleeping this evening – really really hate bunnies and as such distrust the whole marketing concept for Easter. I mean I kinda think I shouldn’t be celebrating with the eggs etc anyway not being Christian. Although a couple of things have always confused me – eggs, how did we get to there and when did they turn chocolate and why is it the Easter Bunny not the Easter Chicken cause that would make more sense egg wise. Maybe I should do a blog and ask for answers as I’m coming up with bubcus in the answer department.


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