Heart Over Mind

The Human Brain

Not to long ago the title of this blog was Mind of a Lunatic. A short while after starting this blog, I touched on a few of the reasons why I started it… but not on why I chose that title.

On the surface it seems pretty obvious, especially if you’ve read any of the flash fiction I’ve written. It wasn’t spot on in representing my intent or values, but it was close enough. Plus it reminded me of a cover song I like… that wasn’t much of a factor, but I did kind of like that they shared the same title.

It never really felt right though, and ever since the alternative occured to me I have been itching to change it. The only reason I hadn’t was that I didn’t know if the new title would feel any more ‘right’ for me than the existing one. That, and my (mild) attachment to the existing one, stayed my hand.

Then the other day I just decided to change it, and… here we are.

Chaos Versus Order

Unlike last time though, I kind of want to explain what it means.

The fact of the matter is, as much as I’m aware of their complimentary nature and as much as I seem to be (slightly) predisposed to a more intellectual and reasoned approach to life, I favor the heart over the mind. I either envy, admire, or respect it when I see someone following theirs, depending on the mood I’m in.

I value both passion and reason, heart and mind; but the heart comes first. The only times I’ve experienced substantial satisfaction, meaning, or a sense of fulfillment in my life has been when I follow mine.

Bleeding Heart - Created by Seffy

(Notes to the Reader… I don’t own any of these images. Also, I tried to write out this post a few times and I’ve got more drafts about the title change than I planned on having, so I might post some of those too, either in bits and piece or intact… I haven’t really decided yet.)


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