The Only Rules

People act like there are rules we have to follow.

Like exceptions to that are few and far between.

Maybe it gives you a sense of safety or security if you believe that, but there are plenty of people that don’t play by the rules of society, and they certainly don’t care about any extra ones you might choose to go by beyond that. They do what they want and, a lot of the time they get away with it.

The only real rules are the rules of nature.

“Might makes right.”

“Survival of the fittest.”

“Dog eat dog.”

None of those are philosophical concepts. They’re the same as gravity.

You can argue with it all you want, but…

Love it or hate it, if you jump off a skyscraper you’re still going to die.

This is life and nobody said it was fair.

(Ref. Lorne Malvo Quote)


6 thoughts on “The Only Rules

  1. There’s a lovely Helen Keller quote about not expecting security in nature. I do think we are hardwired for cooperation on one level though. Certainty it helped us develop into our current level.


    • Definitely. I just can’t get over sometimes… well, how niave a lot of people seem to be about how vicious the world works underneath the comforting surface of our social constructs, our morals and cultural norms, our laws…

      The world isn’t a safe place and I guess it kind of bothers me when people pretend it is, or try to get me to admit it’s “not that bad”. That’s the funny thing… when someone disagrees with me about it and does that, it’s like they think I’m saying the world is shitty because of all this, but I’m not bitter about it, or angry… I think of it as just being *aware* of it.

      (I’ll have to look up that Hellen Keller quote sometime, there are a few from her that I remember really liking but I don’t remember any of them.)


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