Harsh Reality

Starting today I’m going to be giving a weekly shout out to other websites, ones that I enjoy and read on a fairly regular basis. I was tempted to do more than one this week since it’s the first time I’m doing this, but one at a time seems like the best route to go. After all, I don’t want to just list a bunch of sites. To me that kind of defeats the purpose.

The site I want to mention this week is just kind of all around awesome.

If you like poetry, he’s got some of that, and if you’re looking for insight into blogging (or “power-blogging”) there’s lots of that, and there’s also a bunch of other dimensions to it. The overall attitude of it is kind of like mine in a sense, but on a bigger scale; he writes way more and has a lot bigger following. All of it well deserved too, otherwise I don’t think I’d be writing this. It’s called…

Harsh Reality

The subtitle reads, “My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words… so no one has a reason to have a heightened sense of themselves. We are all ignorant, we are all found wanting, we are all bad people sometimes.”

It’s really not as bad as it sounds in my opinion, but then… I’m not exactly all that easy to offend and I don’t mind coming across opinions I disagree with as I’m reading through his posts. His views on abortion for example; he’s against abortion and I’m not, but that doesn’t really bother me.

If that sort of thing bothers you then you might want to take OM’s advice: don’t follow Harsh Reality. But if you’re not a complete douche… that shouldn’t be a problem. I may not agree with everything he says over on Harsh Reality, but I’m not about to stop reading his blog because of it. 

A Few Posts I’d Recommend…

Opinionated Me (World Opinions)

The Daily Opinion – Abortion (The Daily Opinion)

Audience Writing (Blogging/Powerblogger Articles)

The Killing Field (Poetry)

So You Wrote a Book… (Blogging/Powerblogger Articles)

The Sociopath (Creative Writing)

Those are just a few posts I shared on twitter; I included the category of each post on the right, along with short excerpts you can see if you hover over each link. I look at this in pretty much the same way as the blogger awards (which I still have a bunch I need to catch up on): I’m not really looking for or expecting reciprocation. In fact, if anything I owe one (or two or three) to this guy for linking to my posts a few times, but really… it’s just as self-centric as posting quotes.

They may be other people’s words, but in a way I’m hijacking them to represent and express a part of myself, showing what I like, what I value. It’s kind of the same thing with giving someone a shout out; it’s showing who you are by showing who (and what) you like. It’s more round-about (and arguably lazier) than just saying something outright on my own, but sometimes that’s not what I feel like doing. Besides, I never claimed I wasn’t lazy. Slothfulness is one of my favorite sins.

Anyways, I think one of the biggest reasons I like his blog is because I like OM as an individual.

Who he is shines through in his writing – in his own words from one of the posts I linked to, “…I just write and post. An unfiltered mind, an unfiltered mouth, and an even freer hand with a keyboard all culminate into the display of opinion you see here.” That’s not always the case with the blogs (or books) I like, and it’s not always exactly what draws me in, but with Harsh Reality I think that has a lot to do with what makes it worth reading.

If it sounds interesting to you, go check it out.


12 thoughts on “Harsh Reality

  1. That was a better post than the one I actually gave input for… lol. I would like to “reblog” this, instead of doing a pingback. Want to go to your dashboard/sharing and “add” a reblog button? 🙂


    • I think the reblog button should be there now 😉 .

      I guess this is kind of my way of saying thanks for the pingback haha (and the reblog of ‘Killing Sunshine’, that caught a lot of people’s interest on my other blog), but really I probably would’ve done your blog anyways. There’s like three or four blogs that have had me thinking about doing something like this for a few weeks and yours was one of them.


  2. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I am reblogging this NOT because of the kind words said about my website. In truth what caught my eye is that this is an example of a blogger that does not agree with everything I say, but still finds it possible to appreciate “some” of my work. That is what blogging is all about. We can so easily find things we hate about EVERYONE in this world; it takes real effort to give people a “chance” when we instinctively believe we may have nothing in common. Thanks again for the kind mention and the post. -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their post.


  3. OM is a much interesting read. Posts a lot, which always amazes me!
    I love this review, especially this: “But if you’re not a complete douche… that shouldn’t be a problem.”!!!!


    • lol Well, what can I say… I have a way with words sometimes 🙂 .

      I’ve actually taken a lot from his own personal approach to how he uses his blog, like posting things after they’re written without saving them forever as drafts (which I have the habit of doing fairly often)… I think a lot of the time his posts serve as little reminders of what I kind of want to be doing, albeit in my own way.


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