Almost Always

Shorter is almost always better.

Almost because there are times when you ought to explain or persuade.

Almost always because anything else is usually just extra baggage.

To many words can obscure the essence of a thing.

Of course, having said that…

I just can’t bring myself to go by it as a rule of thumb.


6 thoughts on “Almost Always

    • Haha, yeah, I can be pretty good at giving advice, but I seldom take my own.

      I’ll have to do a follow up post on this though… there’s this flip side to it, this need to just say things without trimming them down, polishing them, making them compact diamonds of insight, that aphorisms and short ‘words of wisdom’ just can’t satsify. Most people I can think of that put value in shorter, consise statement also couldn’t help themselves from writing at least one good book. Take Oscar Wilde for example, or Nietzsche. They both loved aphorisms, used them, but the one wrote a novel that’s considered a classic and the other wrote who knows how many books…


      • true, that is very true! I’d bet too that they weren’t fans of wasting words or idle conversation either. Every word had a purpose and if it’s not necessary it’s not written (or spoken). The doesn’t preclude them from writing novel(s), it just makes the novels better!
        Write the follow up, I think it would be a very interesting read.
        : )


    • It definitely can. In fact sometimes it feels like my life is just a series of repeats. Even after I’ve gotten something… there’s only so much I can remember before I start to forget things I’ve learned, and then I’m back to relearning them.


      • Keeps you guessing……… Normal people routinely forget most of the things they do on a regular basis…. 90 percent of the stuff that you did back in last month is gone from the memory……


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