Fuck the Consequences

The way I look at it, if you’re worrying about consequences you’re cutting back to much on all the potential consequences you could generate, by not actually taking action, by worrying instead of acting. Imo, it’s better to be impulsive, even ruthless, and splash the waters around you, cause ripples (good and bad, they both come no matter what). The alternative is stagnancy, emptiness, lack of stimulation. If life isn’t messy, in motion, then it’s not much of a life.

This coming from a current ‘nobody’ of course… but the only things I’ve ever done well, been able to say I did… well, they happened because I decided to do something. Even something as small as this post kind of illustrates that, as a sort of micro version of what I’m talking about. If I thought to much about what you’d think of this comment, or I worried about how you might feel as you first read it, I probably wouldn’t have done it.

Not leaving a comment on someone’s blog because of that (or saying something on my own) would be a mistake. And don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes like that all the time, but being a bit of a hypocrite doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Just means I ought to take my own advice more often. Like now, because while you might misunderstand me, or my intention, I now have not only an opportunity to explain myself if I need to, but a reason to.

We put our words out there even at the risk of being misunderstood, at the risk of looking like a fool from time to time, and it’s always better (at least for me) than not saying or writing anything at all. For good or bad, we create things, put them out there for people to react to, and deal with the consequences, even the unforeseen ones. Mine, yours… the same thing goes for posting on any blog or website.

It goes for just about anything too, not just writing, and not just in the virtual world of the internet. You think it’s better to sit on the sidelines than it is to be in a game? Think it’s better to wonder about writing than it is to actually write? Is it better to fantasize about a love life than to actually have one? Is it better to live your life as a worrier, a passive observer, or is it better to b involved, to have an impact on something?

I don’t know about you, but me, I’d rather leave the world with a scar than be forgotten. That’s not the plan, but still… I’d rather be a force for destruction than a force of nothing, with no effect, no importance, no impact. A benign and insignificant growth on the world’s surface, being born, existing for a few years, and then just dying… Is there anything worse than that?

(Inspired by Cold-Blooded and Ruthless)


17 thoughts on “Fuck the Consequences

  1. I think anxiety is scary. I also remember Sheldon Kopp saying that when you meet a person who has made him/herself into a tool because s/he is afraid of being a knife, it’s about allowing that person to have a voice again.

    I remember learning that every action we make perturbs something in another. A bit like a balloon, where it moves, but we can’t control it’s direction.

    I think no matter what we do, we have an impact.

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    • True… I guess it’s more about having an impact that’s meaningful (to me). For some people, just having an impact is enough. I want more. To be honest… I think we all secretly want more, it’s just that most of us suppress that want, that desire, and some of us surrender to it. Which means letting the heart guide the hand, so to speak, and that carries the baggage of consequences. Collateral.

      We have an impact no matter what… but when it comes to mine, I want credit 🙂 . I want my impacts to have my name on them. Not everyone gets that credit or even wants it… but I do.

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      • I like the idea of surrender to the heart. When that happens, I feel at once free, and quite anxious of where it leads me.

        I also think it’s important to make a meaningful impact and work with integrity. Without that, what do you have. It takes courage, and that should be acknowledged and credited too.


  2. We are both the universe expressing itself and our own ego. Doing anything outside of an expected set of normal behaviour is a risk but I believe that if you are acting in alignment with your purpose then there are additional benefits psychologically and you learn valuable insights and skills along the way simply by doing and being.

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  3. […] 1. Heart of a Lunatic: In one post, this self-monikered “lunatic” described himself as valuing his heart over his mind. This is apparent in his writings – but what makes them even better is how present his mind is nonetheless. His free writing style is a definite plus. Recommended reading: “Fuck the Consequences” […]

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  4. I spent most of my life with the mindset of playing it safe instead of fully living life. At the time I was okay with it. Not so much anymore. I agree that it’s probably better to attempt to live a life that you want than a long lifeless one even if it results in early death. Outside of fear, I think the other hurdle is not knowing how you want to live your life.

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    • I have a sneaking suspicion that even blindly stumbling around, searching for something worthwhile, satisfying, is better than living a life you know you loath… but yeah, I’d say the level of uncertainty definitely makes it more challenging.


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