Happy Father’s Day

The ‘old man’ in the music video I posted just triggers one memory after another.
There’s so much in it to remind me of my own dad, so many parallels.

The tattoos, the hard times, the starting over… he wears his heart on his sleeve, to this day. I didn’t have much to say on Mother’s Day, no post, no song, nothing to write about. Nothing I’d want to read anyways, just bitterness and guilt. More of the former than the latter. But today I remember my dad, and I think of what he’s doing nowadays, how he lives life on his own terms, does what he likes. Follows his heart. By the way that he’s walked, the paths that he chose, he taught me how to believe.

There’s a reason I plucked those lyrics and wrote them out below the video.
If he wasn’t living in another state I’d wish him a Happy Father’s Day…
I might do it on FB, but it would be nice to see him in person again, sometime soon.

Maybe he’ll pass through California again… one of these days.
Maybe when he does I’ll go see one of his shows.

Happy Father’s Day.


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