The Problem With Quotes

I hate posting quotes, using other people’s words, but there are a lot of them out there I like because (like that last one I posted before writing this) sometimes they just hit the nail on the head when I myself seem unable to find the right words. Sometimes it’s like trying to catch a fish with my bare hands (and if you’ve ever gone fishing or held a live fish in your hands, you know what a bitch that can be). So when I see a quote that captures the slippery essence of something I file it away. I post them here or on twitter sometimes, but believe it or not I try to do that sparingly.

I just can’t help myself from using some of them. There are so many clever things others have said over the years, so many that resonate. But I hold back from posting all the ones I’ve come across and liked because I don’t want to bury my own words. You see, the thing about pride is it can save you from yourself, from humbling yourself into oblivion of over-appreciating the accomplishments of others. That’s kind of what’s going on when I hold back on the quotes. To me, if I even deserve that pride I have to show (myself) that I can do more than collect or showcase other people’s work.

You know how accent lights work? Think of this blog as a house. My house. The furniture, the kitchen cabinets, the tile, the pain(t) on the walls… everything in this house is mine. The quotes are just accent lighting, a cosmetic detail. And they’re still mine, to use as I please, and believe me, you can really go wrong with lighting. You can screw up the placement, the angle, the brightness… How presentable it is, at the end of the day, reflects on me. I might use quotes, but I’m not giving away any of the credit; the original authors get that in the post. The rest is mine.


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