What Feels Natural

Advice on… well, everything:

If it feels natural, you’re doing it right.

If it feels forced, you’re doing it wrong.

Do what feels natural.


5 thoughts on “What Feels Natural

  1. True for most… There are those who should shoot for the opposite of what feels natural. Serial killers, pedafiles and whatnot. Is it a sign that I watch too much TV that this was my first thought??? lol


    • That’s probably true (definitely true when it comes to child molesters). Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s likely to happen 😦 .

      I wrote out a whole tangent on how much I despise child molesters but it got a bit long… suffice to say, I wish it was more dangerous for a person to *be* a child molester. Then, maybe they’d have good reason to do the opposite of what comes naturally to them. As it is the prison sentences are to light and, aside from the stigma and occasional ass-kicking or harassment, there’s really not much to dissuade them.


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