“Real Life”

Why do so many people draw dividing lines between one thing and another in their life, as if one weren’t a part of the other? Like the division between writing and real life, or what your job is and who you are as an individual… what makes them separate? I don’t think anything does, personally. Despite the way they’re so often cut up and organized into their own little boxes, they’re all connected. It might seem to make things tidier, more orderly, but to me it only seems to complicate things. I see people talk about how “real life has been getting in the way of writing and blogging”, and I see people excluding their jobs or responsibilities to define “who they are as a human being”. But I don’t get it.

My job is in gardening and lawn care, and while I seem to become less fond of it as time rolls on I don’t exclude it from who I am or what I do. Writing stories is new to me, you could fairly call it a hobby at this point, but it’s not in some strange realm outside of “real life”. This is me. This blog is part of my real life. My sordid fiction is part of it too. All of it reflects on me. So I ask, where the hell is the separation? If I don’t post something here it’s not because “real life” got in the way, it’s just that real life shifts around and sometimes priorities change. Or, as the case may be, it’s because I didn’t feel like writing anything here, or else I didn’t have anything to say.

What I’m trying to say is, the lines that seem to get drawn in the sand all the time are kind of pointless. Arbitrary. And if you feel guilty or ashamed that you’re not writing more stories or posting frequently enough on your blog, it’s not other people you have to defend yourself from or justify yourself to. Save it for the mirror. Deal with it by doing what you’re driven to do, and come to terms with the fact that whatever that drive leads you to is the direction you should be going. If that means less posting, so be it. If it means more, then let something unfold that’s worth sharing, something other than a public apology for slacking or an excuse like “real life”.


One thought on ““Real Life”

  1. This is an interesting point. Yeah, it all kind of flows together for me. I’m actually a healthcare practitioner, but don’t want to talk about it publicly because that would make it easier to identify who I am. And my health issues are part of who I am, so I talk about that and writing, or anything else that comes to my head XD Mental and physical illness often take center stage in my stories. I have a history of anorexia and depression as well.

    My life on the internet feels more real sometimes than my life off the internet. I haven’t had a job in three years and have been bedbound due to severe hip pain. I had 3 hip preservation surgeries, and I’m finally doing well enough physically to get a job, so I’m excited 🙂 I won’t have as much time to write, but I actually like my job. It’s all good though. I’ve been wanting to have kids, but had to be healthy enough to do so. I think of writing more as a hobby than a career I suppose.


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