It’s Okay to Retaliate

On a post about bashing people on social media I commented with a couple quotes that usually spring to mind when it comes to criticism. Almost immediately though, I started thinking about the flip side of it. Instead of commenting there again though I think it’s best to elaborate on it here. See, I can be pretty mean-spirited, even vindictive, and my overall view of bashing reflects as much. I don’t really want to taint the blog I commented on with my darker, crueller worldview… after all, “Doses of Happiness” is part of the title over there. That being the case, my opinion is probably better placed on my own blog. That opinion being…

To me some of the funniest stand-up comedians have been at their best when demeaning or straight up humiliating a heckler. Imo, it’s perfectly okay to retaliate. I don’t feel bad for anyone if the comic ends up owning that heckler, and I think it’s fantastic when they’re good enough to get the whole crowd laughing at the would-be nuisance. It’s especially true in the context of a comedian on stage trying to do his thing. Considering how that applies to a blog, a twitter account, or even a Facebook page… I don’t know that I feel any differently. That account is somebody’s stage, and if you decide to make fun of them where they’re out there for everyone to see, it’s deserved if you get a taste of your own medicine.

Now, that’s only assuming you’re able or willing to bash the shit out of someone in a tasteful way, a way that makes them look like a jack ass and doesn’t do the same to you. If you can’t pull it off though, keeping your own ego or hurt feelings out of it so you can keep your wits about you… well, then it’s best not to play that way. Not everyone can be as elegantly cruel as Joe Rogan (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just look up Rogan and hecklers on YouTube). I say if someone asks for it, don’t feel bad for fighting fire with fire. Contrary to what mother may have told you, two ‘wrongs’ often make things right again.

You don’t have to be nicer, you just have to be more of an asshole than they are.

(Note: this is a pretty old post, as is the one I linked to; I wrote some of it back in May. I added to it tonight and decided to publish it. Just fyi.)


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