Stupid Search Terms

Heads up: this post is random, short, and superfluous. If that doesn’t interest you feel free to ignore.

Not many search terms have brought people to my other site yet, but the few that have kind of puzzle me. “To change back and forth indiscriminately”? I mean hell, the only post with  “indiscriminate” in it is a short piece of flash fiction, and while I myself have no problem changing my mind about something without discrimination (nothing is sacred), that doesn’t really come into the murder of a hooker and one of her clients. I wonder if that’s what they were expecting when they clicked on my post via their search.

hookerThe other one that gets me is… “what is the resurrection tapestry”… lol good fucking question. I actually kind of get how that led to Sparks of Insanity since it was previously titled ‘Tapestry of Madness’, but I still don’t know what the hell a resurrection tapestry would look like. Unless it has something to do with Jesus, in which case I really don’t care.

I don’t know, it’s more of a curiosity than anything else. Hopefully next time I get interested in the search terms people used to get to my blogs there will at least be something interesting or funny.


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