Words Can Just Fly…

Words can be heavy with the seriousness of your tone or the weight of your subject. They can be light-hearted, humorous, funny. They can also be cheap, a time a dozen. They can be sloppy, choppy, and off-the-cuff. And they can be sharp, concise, powerful. There’s no real point in trying to pin them down. I’m not sure there’s even any point in picking which you like best.

We’re all subject to internal shifts, all of which reflect outwardly. Sometimes I feel serious, I feel strongly. Other times I don’t. Most times I’m kind of callous, and the fact that may just be a (relatively) well-adjusted sociopath shines through. If I talked about any of the national tragedies, mass murders, or suicides, gave my perspective… you might agree the things I’d say. But even if you, you might not admit it.

I didn’t really think about where I’m going with this post, because sometimes words are serious, deliberated over, chosen carefully, but other times they just fly from the mouth (or the fingertips) like there’s a machine pumping them out, relentlessly, without much rhyme or reason.

The only reason any of the words in this post flew out through my fingertips… I just wanted to say, words can be cheap, or expensive. If you have a preference then stick with it, sure, but regardless of preference don’t beat yourself up over other dimensions of the written word. Especially not in this day and age, where it’s so easy (even beneficial) to let words fly.


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