Not Everything Is Beautiful

One of my best friends used to pride herself on being able to see the every day beauty other people overlooked. She once told me she believed there was beauty in everything. I haven’t talked with her for quite a while but she probably still believes that. I never have.

I think anything can be beautiful to someone if it they choose to see beauty in it, but that it’s relative doesn’t change my own subjective experience. There’s the beautiful… and the grotesque. The latter appeals to me in its own way, but that’s never made me decide to think of it as beautiful.

I find more value in the differentiation.

If you don’t discriminate between what you love and what you hate, if you love everything, then what value does your love really have? None. Same thing with beauty. If everything is beautiful… then who cares about beauty? It’s all beautiful, so why would you care?


5 thoughts on “Not Everything Is Beautiful

  1. I often feel that as well: would I choose to never feel sad again, if I could? Most days, I’d say “no,” with the rationale that sadness is what gives happiness its value, what makes happiness such a glorious relief.

    But then, some days, I’m inclined to wonder if instead of happiness, satisfaction can exist without dissatisfaction. I believe it is possible, in the right oh so attainable environment, to love without needing to experience the truly grotesque, awful, agonizingly painful.

    Interesting post.

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    • Well, that’s where my appreciation for hedonism, drug use, and other things of the like comes into play haha. That, and/or following ones dreams and passions.

      I think there’s either something intrinsically different within me, or fundamentally broken, when it comes to the idea of having one without the other. I think I’ve become to grotesque in my own right, at heart, to even want it to get away from it. I don’t want world peace, I’m not bothered by the violence people are capable of, and I just… I guess I’m morally bankrupt.

      But I get what you’re saying… lol, I kind of went on a side tangent, but when it comes to what you’re talking about, I think maybe it is possible to a point. After all, for a person that’s living his dreams (a rock star who just made it big, a writer who just got published, etc.)… how bad can the bad stuff really be?


      • We find comfort in what we’re most familiar with. Some take more comfort in high beauty/low grotesque like your friend, or low beauty/high grotesque like yourself. As cliche as it is, it takes all kinds 🙂 Just as our world wouldn’t work the same if everyone thought everything to be ugly, the world would be far different (for better or worse) if everyone thought everything were beautiful.

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  2. I too think that all experiences, the beautiful, the painful, the meaningful and the meaningless all count. Everything makes up life. There is wonder, astonishment and sometimes there is horror. I find it helpful to see everything, and allow it to be what it is to us.

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