Spiritual Bullshit

I’m not a big fan of religions. These days (and on this blog) you’d be less likely to pick up on that because I don’t talk much about it here, but there was a time when I truly enjoyed mocking them, picking them apart, laughing at the pieces, and explaining why it was so funny to me (one of the best parts, imo). I don’t do it anymore because I don’t much care about it. I’m generally just sick of it; I got burnt out. Kind of like how I don’t care enough about morality to write about it the way I used to.

I could never write another Pseudo Morality. It just takes that shit way to seriously.

It’s been a long time since I had any love or respect for religion, if I ever had any in the first place, and it’s been a while since I’ve railed against any particular one at length. But for some reason people have always liked to peg me as a “deep thinker” (whatever the hell that means… their words, not mine). I imagine sometimes it was because of the multi-faceted thoroughness of my criticisms, and other times it was for the openess I had, exploring an ideology only to set it aside for the next one.

Maybe it was because I was grounded throughout all of that though, adhering to a malleable and practical ideology which, by design, benefited from exposure to other schools of thought. *shrugs*

Make what you will of that.

The point is, for what seems like a long time, I was interested in metaphysical theories (which every religion has to offer, in abundance). I picked through them, took what I liked, left the rest. I forged a set of values entirely my own, through trial and error, learned how to work with and listen to my instincts, intuition, and emotions… and I don’t know what I have to show for it. Not beyond what I could have gotten, over time, in simply being the animal I am.

I’ve been immersed in all of this distasteful, ultimately useless bullshit for most of my life, and I’m sick of it. That’s a part of why I found myself  here. It’s why I’ve said almost nothing about spirituality, or religion, or even philosophy. It’s a big part of what lies under the surface of my hypocritical advice on introspection. None of it ultimately amounts to anything by itself.

It’s just an unfulfilling way of trying to sate our human curiosity, with the best answers to age old questions being the product of clever and creative men and women. None of it is worth talking about or dwelling on for any substantial amount of time though, except perhaps as a hobby.

All it is… is speculation. Imagination. At its best it’s only art, and good art generates more questions than answers. Some of it might be useful enough in it’s own round about way, and even the more useless stuff I don’t exactly have a problem with, but that’s not truth, it’s art. It’s biggest flaw might be that it pretends it’s not all fiction and fantasy. The problem with each and every religion is that it tries to impose answers when it should be raising questions.

Taken by itself, each religion is simply bad art.

House Quote: Religion is the placebo of the masses.



9 thoughts on “Spiritual Bullshit

  1. That’s a great post. Sure, the words themselves don’t warrant greatness, they’re just words. The idea that something which perturbs most people with fear of death is just bad art is the most awesome thought I’ve read about in a very long time. Thanks for writing that.

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  2. I agree, anything that tries to shape answers forgets exploration. The minute we start believing in perspectives, art, possibilities, options, we stunt all exploration and curiosity, and therefore our freedom. Good post.

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  3. I’m fascinated by this article and I loved every inch of it. I consider myself to have a very strong definite sense of faith in something bigger than me. What I love is that I don’t have any real tangible way that I define it or dogma I must adhere to. It has no name. It is supremely nebulous and yet not, all in one fell swoop.

    There were several lines I really liked in this, too many for me to copy and paste except to say this open-minded (as it came across to me, despite the clever front of bashing) exploration process to me is what spirituality is all about.
    Thanks for this.

    And if “the masses” didn’t have spirituality, what would the world look like I wonder. I’d love to see it. Of course people will worship something. Would it not be cool, and truly “spiritual” if nothing was worshipped and everything appreciated? Living and BEing.


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