One of my biggest weak points is probably the whole idea of letting go. I write something, here or on my other blog, and I want to build on it. Waste not want not, you know. And when I’ve written something I’m proud of, that gives me a sense of satisfaction, I seem to get fixated on it. Everything that follows has to meet that quality. I don’t want anything new to tarnish the old. But strangely enough that’s often the reason older writings do get tarnished.

Stick with something like that and it sucks out all the enthusiasm.
There’s not a fresh feel of something new. There’s no vitality or pleasure.
No life. No pulse. No heart.

It’s the same with everything else. Cling to accomplishments, rely too much on the past to decide what you do with the present, and it won’t really be life at all. It’ll be empty. Hollow. By and large this weakness has been cut out of what I’ve done here… A lot of the time I’ve somehow managed to allow myself to forget about old posts. The only reason I remembered Fuck the Consequences was because of a few recent views. Apparently that’s a memorable one.

You need to be willing to risk failure and embarrassment though.

The past is dead, and no one really likes watching a necrophiliac at work.


4 thoughts on “Necrophilia

  1. – that worked superbly…. so now how are you going to top it? – 😉
    It written down – it remains alive…but the thought is gone and past the moment is dead.
    But – OH MY – one can relate.
    Great outlook to the art to strive for.

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