Reblogging Etiquette

I’ve been reblogged a few times (once or twice by the person that inspired this post), and my decision never do them myself is very much at odds with my opinion on the practice itself. So when I saw Opinionated Man’s Daily Opinion post on the subject I thought I’d answer the questions he posed about it, if only to explore and explain my perspective.

Do you consider being reblogged without being asked first rude?

No, and I think it’s rude to take offense or complain if someone reblogs one of your posts.If you’ve made a blog, written on it, and left it accessible to the public then you’ve got no right to complain about the ripples your words cause in the world of the internet. Negative attention isn’t something to complain about either. If someone was impacted enough by you to share some of your work, it doesn’t matter if they preface it by saying that it sucks. Fact is, it was potent enough that they decided to share it on their own blog. If this happens, you can rest assured you’re doing something right. Maybe it rubbed them the wrong way or maybe they’re just an asshole, but either way it means you wrote something they couldn’t help but take note of.

As far as complaining about too much attention… c’mon. You started a fucking blog. On the internet. Where any one of a million people can see it. Don’t tell me you didn’t do it for attention, because on some level you did. I might be difficult to deal with an influx of new readers, comments, etc. if someone like OM shares one of your posts, but don’t complain or bitch about someone’s nod of respect just because you can’t handle the influx of people. Someone appreciated you’re words and they’re reaching farther. Say thanks, deal with the consequences of your own actions (people don’t have to share it, but then again, you didn’t have to write it either), and move on to the next thing. Or take your ball and go home.

Would you consider a reblog from me as crossing the line?

Not even close. It might make things more difficult for me for a while because honestly, I’m not much for the interactive aspect of writing. I enjoy it, but it’s draining. But that’s something I chose to take on when I up and made a blog. No one forces me to write any of the content here, and that’s not going to change any time soon. The buck stops with me. As far as lines being crossed… no. Just, no. It’s something to appreciate, not something to get offended by.

Do you think it is fair for me to reblog new WordPressers and possibly overwhelm them with comments and likes that they are not used to?

lol, see above comments for my take. They don’t even have to respond to the comments, and neither do I. How someone deals with a situation is entirely up to them. It can be overwhelming if they allow it to be overwhelming. They can ignore most (or all) of the comments. They can respond, if they think they’ll feel bad for ignoring them. They can tackle them all at once, get them out-of-the-way and over with. Or they can take it slow and easy. No pressure, except for what they put on themselves. If you share someones post and they get overwhelmed with comments and likes… it wasn’t your fault.

Would you care if I reblogged your post?

Most definitely. This is part of why most of us are here, to reach out to other people, to be heard. You happen to have a lot of reach, so I would care a lot. Like I said, it would be rude and to bent out of shape over that. personally, I find it puzzling that anyone would feel anything but appreciative.


40 thoughts on “Reblogging Etiquette

    • lol I’m still kind of reeling just from the comments on this post.
      But I’m certainly not about to complain 😀 , it’s totally worth the effort and not as hard as it seems at first glance. One of the tricks, at least for someone like me, is to not ovethink each and every comment. Just take each one in, respond in kind, and keep moving haha.

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  1. I agree on all the points you made. Since I’m new to this blogging game I would consider it an incredible honour to be reblogged. It’s like being nominated for an award. Reaching someone or many with your words is a rush like no other. 😃

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    • “Reaching someone or many with your words is a rush like no other.”

      Exactly. It might just be one of those things that… there’s not even words to truly do it justice. Someone helping that along is just awesomeness.


  2. I saw this post from OM’s reblog, and I also agree it would be great to be reblogged by anyone. I’m guessing some people don’t see it that way and that surprises me, but then again we are all different!

    I think OM posted the other day that you can turn comments off if you don’t want comments 🙂

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    • Yeah, I forgot about it tbh, but now that you mention it I remember a setting that would turn the comments off. So there’s even a way to avoid them without actually “snubbing” anyone too 🙂 .


    • Thanks for reblogging (and for giving me another way to explore other peoples blogs; I’ve already found another site I want to keep up with because of the poem you reblogged after my post) 😀 .


    • I find it to be pretty odd. But I guess some peope do get mad… plus, some people seem reluctant to do it for fear of offending someone. I’ve had one or two people ask me for permission before, and I said go for it, but… it kind of left me scratching my head, wondering.


    • It can be, actually. I completely forgot about it when I was writing the post, but I actually ended up turning mine on because OM wanted to reblog one of my posts a few months ago. He linked to it in a post and then asked me about turning on the reblog button (and before then it hadn’t even occured to me that someone might want to reblog my stuff haha).

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      • I would love to see my stuff reblogged by Jason. Never happened, and I can see why. Hopefully in the future I will post something relevant. I am very new here, only 6 month since I went live. Reblogging is an opportunity for me to spread a word. I am not writing for myself only, I would love to be heard too. If someone doesn’t want to be reblogged for some reason, the best way is to deactivate that button, or leave a message on a sidebar, something like ” No reblogs!”

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  3. By the Power of WordPress, who doesn’t want to be reblogged?
    I might pee my pants if someone reblogged me. And I’d be happy about it. Damp and happy.

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      • Sweet! Quirkiness for the win! Indeed, good sir, I claim the blog in reference. And thanks for setting my record day for views. 🙂 Hope to see you back.

        Yes, if you enjoy artful subtlety, by all means, read the “The Road.” McCarthy’s pacing is genius. He lulls you with a few pages of exposition, and then he hits you with a one-liner so crafted and meaningful, it stuns. I plan to explore this particular aspect in another post soon, so hurry and read the book so we can discuss! 🙂


  4. If some reblogs me I definitely am very pleased. It says that something I wrote touched someone else and that is the whole reason for my blogging! I don’t understand those who are offended by being reblogged.

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  5. The way I see it if the re-blog button is there then it’s Ok to re-blog? If someone doesn’t want their post re-blogged there’s a way to turn the re-blog off. In fact we all have the power to turn every share button Off. But sharing is basically what a re-blog is for. It’s sharing that blog to your blog so that their post gets seen by more people. I re-blog all the time.
    And when someone reads my blog and then re-blogs one of my post I am thrilled!! It’s a compliment.

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    • That’s totally the way I see it 😀 . Haha, I’m always a little puzzled when someone asks me for permission to reblog. My response is always along the lines of “Definitely! Go for it 🙂 .”


  6. Reblogged this on Vanessa's Blogueria and commented:
    Personally, that about covers it. Basic blogging etiquette still applies: whenever the original author asks to have material removed, for whatever reason, just do it. Then, depending on circumstancs, add the person/s to your personal digital no-fly list and walk away ~ #notime4sillystuff

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