Never Get Boring

Never let yourself get boring. People are more callous than you’re willing to admit, probably because you’ve got a hard time admitting that you are just as bad. But whether you believe it or not doesn’t stop the results of that truth. When people get bored, they move on. They look for the next stimulant. The next source of entertainment. The next pleasure.

The favorite t.v. show gets stale, the characters become uninteresting, nothing new is happening with the story… so people stop paying attention. The biggest magician of the modern age rises to the top, gets a headliner show, and for the next year he’s up on stage performing the same act over and over again. He gets comfortable, or lazy. People get bored and they move on. The funniest comedians have the same problem if they get lazy, stale, and boring. Their skit is the same, the jokes have all been heard before. People lose interest.

I’m talking about stories, stage acts, performances, works of art… but people don’t look to those as their only source of stimulation or enjoyment. They also look to small timers. And they look to their friends, their relationships. Other people aren’t an exception to this. Become boring, and you’re going to get discarded. I know this displays an obscene lack of faith in people, in loyalty, but that’s generally what tends to happen.

It’s not so much about making sure you don’t bore “them” either. Another way I could have said all of this is, don’t bore yourself. If you get to that point then you’re probably doing something wrong. Whatever you’re doing isn’t going to interest anyone if it doesn’t have any heart, enthusiasm, or genuine interest. Take chances, risk looking stupid, making mistakes. Or get boring and get nowhere.


9 thoughts on “Never Get Boring

  1. Great post! I especially identify with the part regarding not boring oneself, definitely when making art. I try very hard not to even use a thesaurus when writing (I don’t ALWAYS succeed mind you 😉 ) but try and use new ideas to describe what’s in my head, as opposed to solely a bunch of synonyms. Thanks for this wonderfully written piece, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Jamy

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    • I wouldn’t worry to much about it if I were you. Judging by your blog I’d say there’s very little chance of that happening to you 😉 . Speaking of which, I thought I’d already hit the follow button there a while back… guess I forgot to, but I’m following now 🙂 .


  2. I really like this! I completely agree with your statement “Whatever you’re doing isn’t going to interest anyone if it doesn’t have any heart, enthusiasm, or genuine interest”. When people are whole-heartedly working on something they love, they always set their standard high. They seek for the littlest mistakes and always try to fix them so that the final result would be better (although this could go too much sometimes). Also, these people can be very persistent to follow through their work until it’s completely finished and polished. It always amazes me how powerful people can be when it comes to doing something from their heart.
    And when their perfected work is displayed, it shows. The magic of hard work, persistence, and patience, it shows 🙂

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  3. Great post!
    If ever I feel like I’m becoming boring I stop writing, really. Actually no, I stop blogging and there lies the difference. I looked back over my blog and although I’ve continued writing flash and short fiction, I haven’t posted either since June. June damn it!! There was still snow on the mountains when I posted that last story. I think I must have bored myself somewhere along the line and my blog-flow of death and the not-so-nice dried up to become…poetry.

    Autumn is here, the temperature is dropping and leaves are as dry as Tutankhamun’s crack. Things will have to change.


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