Saying More With Less

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

I’m not shy about getting wordy if I feel like it, but I think there’s a definitely a risk of muddying up the waters, so to speak. Sometimes to many words can overshadow the essence of what they’re meant to get across. An example: every word past the Nietzsche quote and the first two sentences of this post. I’m still writing them because I feel like it, but I might be taking away from the simple essence of what I’m saying: “sometimes less is more”. If you’re aiming for clarity, for precision, for maximum impact, then that’s not a bad notion to keep in mind.

(An extension of my comment on The Danger of Being A Writer With Potential)


4 thoughts on “Saying More With Less

  1. I love this quote – I have never heard it before. It reminds me the way the poet Dylan Thomas would work. He’d spend hours changing words to try to get the right one for the feel of a poem. A lot is to be said for brevity. You have some interesting posts – I look forward to following. Donna

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    • There’s another one that’s pretty good…

      “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
      ~Mark Twain

      I’m always kind of hesitant to pretend like I apply this idea of ‘less is more’ all the tim, because I often don’t, but I’ve always liked the idea of it. lol and reading Nietzsche, you get slapped in the face with how true it is constantly. Aphorism after aphorism, a sentence here and there taken out of context speaking volumes all by itself.

      Thanks for following along 🙂 . Hopefully it’ll (almost? lol) always be interesting.


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