So, I just passed a milestone here a few hours ago…

500 followers on WordPress

Along with…

72 likes on Facebook

1,114 followers on Twitter

Bringing the grand total so far to1,686 followers, if my math isn’t off.ย That’s pretty fucking awesome if you ask me, so to everyone following along I’d just like to say a few things. I talk down the importance of interaction quite a bit, but there’s also an appreciation for it, for the attention, the interest, that is still always present. That’s kind of a contradiction, but without those you don’t get much inner diologue, much lively vibration in the heart and mind. Put another way, I’m not happily sociable or expressive of my appreciation, but it’s there, and this is me trying to express it for once.

Ladies, gentleman…

Thank You!

Passed that milestone and on to the next one.

Onwards, to the next five hundred souls I hope to taint.


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