Comments Kick My Ass

Comments are by far the hardest thing about blogging. There are times when I can’t seem to come up with anything I feel moved to say, other times when I’m just ablaze with thoughts and they’re so jumbled, so frantically in need of being exorcised that I can’t seem to stop writing. Then there are other times, when I’ve got plenty of thoughts but they’re incomplete, they haven’t coalesced into something I can clearly communicate. I try to write them out and they just won’t come out right. Not to mention the times when it just feels forced. I try and it comes out alright but what I’m saying is hollow, devoid of much underlying feeling. Dead skin that I need to shed if I want to get to the new stuff underneath, the realization or the idea that’s filled with vitality.

All of that, and I still think comments are the hardest thing for me to deal with.

This isn’t a complaint either because I’m always glad when someone connected with a post enough to spend time writing out the thoughts it inspired, whether they’re oppisitional or not. And truth be told I haven’t had to deal with a lot of opposition. So far I’ve had virtually zero trolls and, of the few dissenting opinions I’ve encountered, everyone has been civil. That’s bound to change because I’m pro-abortion, pro-American (as in I don’t give a flying fuck what political party you belong to), pro-violence, and amoral in the extreme. I’m bound to touch on some of those, sooner or later. But even lacking the headache that might arise from some of that, comments still slow me down a lot. See, I try to respond to every comment.

It’s kind of rude not to imo, unless you’ve got hundreds of comments every day, and if I get to that point you can bet your ass I’m just going to say, “screw it, I’m not responding to every single one of them anymore.” I’m nowhere near that tipping point right now though. I just feel compelled to have all (or most) of the comments taken care of before I start posting again. And I know some people thrive on them, it’s a huge part of why they blog, but me? Not so much. I find it absolutely exhausting to go through one after another, and it’s nothing against the commenters either. The same thing applies face-to-face. Social interaction just flat out exhausts me, and I need breaks sometimes. So when I get ten or twenty comments in the space of a day…

It just kicks my ass.

That being in spite of my appreciation for the attention, the time you took, the interest you’ve shown. I like the end result when I work all day at something in my job and see how much better everything looks when I’m finished, but there’s also a good chance I’ll be worn out by it too.

(Response to The Daily Opinion – Blogging)


11 thoughts on “Comments Kick My Ass

  1. “That’s bound to change because I’m pro-abortion, pro-American (as in I don’t give a flying fuck what political party you belong to), pro-violence, and amoral in the extreme. I’m bound to touch on some of those, sooner or later. “— looking forward to reading on those topics! no pressure 😀

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  2. I tend to reply on comments first, And I think that it is important to do so, personally if I were leaving comments on someone’s blog and they never replied to any, I would simply unsubscribe from that blog.

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    • That’s pretty much the way I look at it. I just don’t like spending more time on the comments than on writing new posts… which is kind of a side effect of dwelling to much on each comment. I probably spend to much time/energy per comment a lot of the time which makes it a lot more taxing than it has to be, but I also like to revisit people’s blogs when I don’t remember for sure which one is theirs, and when I haven’t read through it for a while I usually like to catch up on their newest posts. Not to mention I can go on for a bit more than I meant to when I’m responding lol, I could’ve (should’ve?) just kept it short and sweet in this reply, but you kicked off more ruminations on the subject and now I’m like three run-on sentences into it. C’est la Vie though haha, it’s in my nature to get caught up in people, ideas, thoughts, etc.

      All in all I’d agree with you, but I kind of cheat too. If I’m not feeling up to replying to all of the comments but I won’t to publish something (or a few somethings) I try to trust that anyone interested in my writings will have a little patience with me 🙂 . I get to all of them, it just takes me a little while sometimes.

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      • The comments are the best bits I think, that is where the meat is, the quirks and nuances in the conversation, it is where opinion shines and conversation continues. Imagine being out in a pub having a conversation but it only last one comment, it would be dull and more than a little weird.

        I love the comments, the post should exist in order to gain comments to explore other things, and the comments can give idea for new posts. If the next post has to wait a few days because you’re dealing with comments then you have won in my opinion.

        If each of my posts had 50 comments, then then a continuation of those comments until that naturally tapered out I would love it. So my next post may have to wait a bit but that’s ok.

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  3. OMG. so funny! I try to comment on blogs just to let writers know I am actually reading their blogs. Sometimes I got nothing but the way I look at it, it’s kind of like a party where you are only required to supply the cheapest beer for your guests. What’s so funny is, yesterday I actually got negative feedback from a writer because the only comment I left on his blog was ‘cool’.

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    • lol Negative feedback? That’s a little… snobby. I still appreciate all the comments, I just have a hard time keeping up with ’em sometimes. Definitely not about to give anyone a hard time for posting them here though even if the comment is just a quick “cool”. Seems a lot like ingratitude to me.

      I always try to let people know I’ve read their stuff with the like button, but that’s just because I’m not much of a commenter.


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