Collateral Impact

It used to be that I would re-read my old journals, comparing who I was with who I had become. I just don’t bother anymore. I used to make sure to capture a thought too, an insight, an idea to explore, or a realization about myself. If I had something like that, I wanted to preserve it so I could chronicle my own evolution. So I could look back and say that was when I got to that point in my own growth as an individual. I don’t preserve so much anymore though.

The way I look at it now, the only thing to do is to follow my heart.

My passions and instincts. My pleasures and desires. Any of that getting recorded in the meantime… is just a ripple of my life, the evidence of my passing through, the wake of my actions and existence. Collateral damage, and collateral creation. Not something to concern myself with… just something that falls into place on its own, naturally, as a result of how I live and what I do with my time alive. Side effects of my existence. Ripples of my dreams. Collateral impact.

Observing those? Judging them? I try to leave that to others.


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