Pull The Trigger

Top Break Loading MechnismWriting drafts on a blog is a lot like putting bullets into a gun.

It’s kind of pointless if you never pull the trigger.

(Originally posted on May 7, 2014)


8 thoughts on “Pull The Trigger

  1. Baby steps and all that. This is my third attempt at NaNoWriMo and the journey went like this:
    1. WannaBe Writer
    2. Nano 2012 – 3000 words … blah
    3. Start a Blog
    4. Writer
    5. WannaBe Published Writer
    6. Nano 2013 – ~8000 words … get so bored with the same writing every day (Will I ever finish anything?)
    7. Start four different projects – love ’em all – none finished
    8. Nano 2014 – 50K drivel or not, just get them down
    9. Put another 50 – 130K words on that thing in December
    10. Sit on it for 6 months and revise in June 2015 – send it to some agents

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    • I tried it this time around, finally. I don’t know what my word count is, but I wasn’t necessarily planning on seeing it through either. Maybe next year, but really I just wanted to feel out how aiming for a 2,000 word count every day, on a schedule and with other people along for the ride (in spirit), would be. I might not be keeping up at all (I’m way behind on it), but it has definitely been a good experience. Satisfying to get down as much as I did before falling out of the race.

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  2. I hate seeing all those old drafts on my dashboard yet I just can’t bear to delete them. I’ve no idea why, it’s almost like as if I am losing a good friend. Maybe I should press that delete button now after reading your advice. After all, it’s not as if I am going to miss those drafts, am I?

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    • Or mass publish everything 🙂 . I’ve done that once before, on a previous blog under another name, and I’ve deleted all of them before once with this blog. The problem with publishing ‘unfinished’ posts like that is… then you’ve got a bulk of material you’d maybe not want tied to your name. It bugged me when I went that route. My newest solution has been to save the “maybe I’ll revise it later” posts on seperate site I use as a kind of private archive. That way they’re out of sight, ought of mind. The rest that are just clutter… I just bite the bullet and toss them. It’s still an ongoing process though ’cause I’ve still got about a hundred drafts to go through before they’re all cleared out.

      Generally speaking though, I’d say it’s probably best to be ruthless about it. I probably shouldn’t bother saving any of them, but aside from those the rest get deleted. That way they don’t clutter up my mind (thinking about them, re-reading them, dwelling on them) and I can move forward with the present moment and the present thoughts.

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