Playing With Fire

Read a post on someone’s blog, a news article, a musician’s interview. Resonating, ringing true, or grating against your nerves… either way, you feel something. Friction. It causes a spark so you write a comment. Or that spark becomes an ember and you write a whole post on your own blog. Maybe the sparks come from everywhere. You saw something at the store or at work.

Had something happen to you, or watched it happen to someone else.
Did something that provoked a lot of thought afterwards.

Whatever the source of the sparks… Maybe it happens again and again, until you’ve got a fire going. Until you’ve got a nominally successful blog like this one. A fire that wants to be fed. That wants to grow, expand, and lick at whatever it can reach. This is writing online. Starting fires. Watching them burn. Hoping they’ll become an inferno. Maybe you want to burn the world down, and this is how.


8 thoughts on “Playing With Fire

  1. Excellent post. I never really thought of blog ideas as being sparks that could ignite, but having read this, I must say that’s the best description of the writing process. And yes, like everyone else, I would love to set the world on fire with my words!

    PS: Thanks for the follow on my blog. After checking out yours, I like what I’ve seen, and I will be following you as of today. I always love it when I find other blogs I can relate to.


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