Women Aren’t Special

I will never shut someone down because of their gender, or think less of them because of it. But I will think less of you, and talk shit to you, about you, if you think it’s okay to say “well you’re only treating me like this because I’m a woman”. That’s bullshit. I don’t care if you’re a woman.

I know not everyone is as apathetic to the so-called “differences” between men and women, but here’s a piece of advice for you if you’ve ever used that phrase or anything remotely like it: most people don’t talk down to you or treat you differently, or less than equal, because of your gender. They just don’t. And you should always operate under that assumption, even when it’s not the case.

The only time you should ever even be thinking “it’s because I don’t have a dick” is when it’s brazen, obvious misogyny. When it’s not painfully, laughably obvious, it probably isn’t even there. Don’t make fucking excuses for your shortcomings.

To everyone else…
This applies to you to.
African Americans aren’t special.
Mexicans aren’t special.
Caucasians aren’t special.
Homosexuals aren’t special.

This post may be titled “women aren’t special”, but whoever you are… neither are you.

Pick a fucking label and I’ll tell you the same exact thing: I don’t care, don’t use it as an excuse. They’re all interchangeable. Remove “women” and insert yours here. I still say shove it.

I probably sound like an asshole for saying this.

That can’t be helped though…. I get tired of the so-called “equality” movements. Most of them are filled with people who insist on attributing their problems, failures, and challenges to some ambiguous and largely nonexistent discrimination. I won’t go as far as to say it doesn’t exist, but it isn’t as widespread as the average feminist or civil rights activist would have you believe.

(Inspired, in part, by Anita Sarkeesian; also by innumerable other individuals, events, & incidents.)


25 thoughts on “Women Aren’t Special

  1. Genetically there is 3% difference between men and women. Masculinity is fragile in comparison to femininity. A man is made, not born and needs reinforcement of that in a way that women don’t need in the same way. I think we’re all special and all awful at once, a lot of the identifications we make are sourced in ego and used to define and separate us.

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    • I definitely think the differences are… exageratted. Most of the time, anyways. There are, like you said, genetic differences. Biological differences. Just in the chemicals alone at play, there’s the testosterone and estrogen. But I think they’re minor in comparison to our similarities across the board as individuals. As humans.

      “I think we’re all special and all awful at once, a lot of the identifications we make are sourced in ego and used to define and separate us.”

      Yep; I think I’d change out ego for insecurities or shortcomings a lot of the time, but that’s just personal preference 🙂 (I’m a fan of the ego, as long as it isn’t warped by delusions of its own grandeur… if that makes sense).


      • I find connection between quantum physics, spirituality and psychology that suggests that our identities are things we put on. Our bodies are suits we wear to play the game of existence.


  2. I agree with your point so much that I’ve written quite a bit about this topic in comparison to others. Really annoys me too when people ask for special treatment for no reason, congrats you’re human too!

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  3. You may call me a lunatic here but who cares?! This thought is strangely appropriate from an obtuse perspective. One thought on why “we” aren’t given information from the government about alien contact is because government would lose power. We the people would become one against a common foreign “enemy”. Boundaries- real, perceived and declared would weaken as we became one. (I count the ones you stated here as “declared”) When people ask me “what” I am. I like to answer “Human”.

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    • Well the funny thing to me is… personally, I like division, diversity. I think conflict in general strengthens us individually, but with the kind of divisions people like to go on about… they seem poorly understood, not very well thought out, and mostly… illusory. The way you put it is probably true, that we’d band together when it counts (if I’m understanding you correctly), but I think if we *are* going to be at each others throats in the meantime I would rather it be over something more menaingful, and more real.

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      • I agree with you and yes, you got what I was saying there. I think we have to remember that the info-tainment “news” is directed at …?an elementary? level of intelligence. It’s like the assholes from Junior High got a hold of the cameras and power over content in mainstream media. I can’t take listening or watching that.

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    • I guess given my pen name the “white male” part is a reasonable assumption. And it happens to be accurate. But I don’t think my skin color or gender invalidates my perspective. At least not any more than you being a woman invaliates yours, because it doesn’t. Ideas are either accurate or not, true or not, on their own merit. Who they’re voiced by is a lot less important imo.

      “I HATE this point of view. …”

      What is there to hate about it, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂


    • Well, I watched the whole ten minute clip but I’m not going to respond to it directly. I could say plenty about the Michael Brown shooting (that kid ain’t no Rodney King), but if I do that at all it’s going to be a post on the issues discussed in it, not a response to Stewarts mock fest.

      I could point out that my mother’s side of the family is almost entirely mexican. My half brothers were brought up in that culture. Or I could point out that my uncle and a number of cousin’s are black. Even a Korean cousin an Aunt an Uncle adopted. I could also explain that while I might be “white”, I’m a mutt. I’ve got so many different ethnicity’s mixed up in me it’s hard to keep track. Not to mention that being “white” probably puts me in the minority in most areas where I live here. However…

      The long and short of it is… “The only time you should ever even be thinking “it’s because I don’t have a dick” is when it’s brazen, obvious misogyny.” Thinking less of my opinion explicitly because I’m a white male falls into the same category, so having addressed it as best I can, I’m just going to let it rest and move on.

      I never said it doesn’t happen (the way my race and gender seems to affect your perception of me and my opinion is a case in point), but generally it doesn’t. The majority of the comments here reflect that. And when it does, it should be dealt with or brushed off, then left behind. Even when it’s directed at me. It still isn’t the more prevalent attitude imho.

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  4. Hello there, Couldn´t agree more in anything that you just said here. I actually have written various post about these type of things. One example, feminist. Maybe in their day they where of use and some of them do look out for women. But is there a manimist group, that´s a word I just invented to say that non of us men look out for each other or organise into lobby´s which is what the feminist movement has become a big fat lobby with more dough than I will ever see in my entire life. Plus, if there is not even equality between man-man in the workplace it sure won´t be between man-woman or between woman-woman. And I might add that most jobs I had in my life it where women my bosses so they are not doing all that bad.

    Why don´t these feminist go protest to the middle east, where they treat women like second class citizens( I should also add India and Pakistan and Afghanistan where I myself have been there really doing something) or even stone them to death, why don´t this hypocrites go there to protest? And forget about if your gay in one of those countries, they cut your head off. So why do they protest from the comforts of a democracy? Because the system that the so much criticize and the men they so much put down is the same system that includes men that protects them. And for me, that is being a coward and a hypocrite.

    Get some balls like some of us did, go to two screwed up countries and really see how they treated women let´s say….Afghanistan, sorry Afghanishit. If not, for me they are just obsolete.

    Forgot. Glad you stopped by my blog, this was a rant I went on. But is your fault though…..

    Interesting blog you have here, hope to read more posts later on with more time.

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    • That’s kind of how I feel about it. The woman I mentioned as one of the inspirations for this post, one of the issues she goes after is apparently the lack of strong or interesting female characters in video games, and I read a post by someone the other day with a perfect response to that. Instead of complaining about a lack of female characters, go make a video game the way you think it should be made, add something real to the equation and change the landscape of that industry with an actual product instead of empty words. It’s like with people that have a problem with most rock stars being men… I have a lot more respect for Otep, Maria Brink (from In This Moment), Emily Autumn, and Lizzy Hale (from Haeltstorm) than anyone that just whines about it. They didn’t complain, they went and became female rock stars. And aside from all that, it’s like you said…

      Around here, the “inequality” is negligible compared to other countries and cultures. Here people have the freedom to a) bitch all they want and b) make changes without fear of being stoned to death, for the most part.

      “Glad you stopped by my blog, this was a rant I went on. But is your fault though…..”

      No worries 😉 , haha I’ll gladly take the blame.

      “Interesting blog you have here, hope to read more posts later on with more time.”

      Thank you 😀 , glad you like it.


      • You said it perfectly again, on a much smaller scale than I commneted on but equally or even more important. Invent a freaking video game if you don´t like too many dudes on it, and who in the world bitch about there are few girls in video games is just beyond me.

        Anyways, won´t go on since I can ramble the whole day.

        Be dropping by once in a while see what other post I can ramble on 😉

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