Fame Can’t Last?

Fame is thought to be more fleeting than ever these days, with viral videos and one hit wonders seemingly the most an artist of any kind can hope for. I don’t know though… I think if you think that way, you’re aiming low. It might be harder to become an icon now, and maybe no one will ever be as big as Bowie was for all the different things vying for our attention each day, but I think you can still get pretty damn close. It’s rare, but not impossible.

Just look at how big Iggy Azalea is and how fast that happened. Or Lady Gaga; she’s fucking huge. Whether you’re a fan or not you probably know her name and occupation. You’ve probably even heard a few of her songs. Both of them seem like they’re here to stay, and while the head count is possibly lower than ever, they’re not alone. Suffice to say I believe superstardom still exists today, and whether it lasts is entirely up to the few who achieve it.

You don’t retain that level of renown by getting stuck in a rut, putting out the same kind of material year after year, or relying on other people to keep it for you. It’s survival of the fittest in every aspect of our world. Top tier celebrities are not exempt.


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