More Than What is Written

They say history is written by the victor. That’s not entirely true though.  With every battle, every war, every event, the losers tend to hold on to their petty little resentments. Winners might get to write the official versions most of the time, but only on the home field and even that is infused with an undercurrent of “what really happened” whispered about by everyone else. Their reasons for varying, from a chip on the shoulder to firsthand knowledge… personal grudges, shit like that.

If you’ve ever been in a fight you know what I mean. You can beat someone’s ass and still hear from friends of their friends that they kicked yours. You can also go outside the U.S. and listen to citizens of foreign lands talk shit about America and look down their noses at you.

It’s not always a consensus among people; you can probably find plenty of hospitality and kindness in other countries to, either because they don’t agree with the whispers or because they’re to polite to say it to your face. And you can probably find people who don’t know or care to know about who came out on top in a fight. But losers write their own history, and there are plenty of other losers to join in and nod.

… Did I just call America a winner, or other countries losers? Haha well, I should clarify that. We tortured a lot of people a few years ago. We started a “war” in Iraq over nothing. We owe China more money than most of us can comprehend. And so on. So regardless of what we used to be… we’re not exactly winners these days. Hell even in World War II we did some pretty twisted experiments on people and animals, and we ran our own version of concentration camps.

We still knew what “war” meant back then though, we knew how to demonize the enemy with propaganda, and our side won… The point I’m getting at though is the concession that we’re not exactly winners these days, and even when we might have been it didn’t really make us “good guys”. That said, there are different versions of history all around the world. Some of it is more objectively true than others and some isn’t – some countries still know how to use propaganda.

They say that history is written by the victors, but they only get to rubber stamp it as the “official” version as told by their side of things. The truth is everybody adds their own two cents, and a lot of people out there look at that “official” stamp as a sign of packaged lies. They disregard it as untrue by default. History is more than what’s written because it’s also made up of all the bitterness, confusion, indifference, angers, and fears of everyone else.

The loudest and the strongest are easiest to hear, but theirs aren’t the only voices out there. Everybody gets to add their voice to the mix and who you hear best is often just a matter of proximity. It’s a confusing cessepool of contradictions. He said she said with some pure fiction and hard facts thrown in for good measure. No one knows the whole truth, we all just pick the lies we like best.


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