Deep Six (My Thoughts)

I posted the audio a few days ago when this song was officially released but now that the actual music video is out I thought I’d share it too. Not so much because it’s the latest thing he released (to me that’d be redundant since it’s the same song), but because of the thoughts I had about it. The only thing I could say after watching it yesterday morning was “well fuck, that was strange”. Now that I’ve had a chance to digest it…

I felt kind of thrown for a loop, initially jarred by it the first time I watched it. That’s mainly because I wasn’t expecting anything even remotely like this though. It felt disconcerting because of that, which is odd for me because I generally don’t have specific expectations of new stuff. All I could say earlier is that it seemed strange, and I didn’t know how I felt about it or even whether it seemed like it went with the song.

Now there are a few things that have seeped through the initial shock that lead me to wonder if it isn’t subtly brilliant. I mean we’re talking about narcissism after all, a central theme of the song.

There’s the chick, sure, but I see her as a mildly interesting footnote of the vid. Maybe this is just an intentionally narcissistic, self-centered video, meant to look bare, minimlaistic, and to a certain point… refined and crisp (e.g. suit, make-up, hand gestures, white backdrop, snake movements), but cheap and ridiculous (maybe because that’s how narcissism often looks to an outsider looking at a narcissist, cheap, classless, full of himself).

Maybe it’s just Marilyn Manson in character as the Pale Emperor, being a narcassist just like the lyrics imply, enagaged in a confusing, odd dance with a bunch of snakes that are trying to devour him.

I was a little to… well, horrified in the first viewing to even think much about the lyrics and how they might tie into the visuals, but another aspect that didn’t occur to me until afterwards is that love is evil. If the snakes represent love in any way, I can definitely understand what it means for them to be devouring (or at least attempting to devour) both Manson and the woman.

So overall I’ve got to say that while I was put off-balance by the completely unexpected visuals and how they mesh (or rather, grind against) the song itself, it got me to rewatch and think. Even if I’m totally off, the video stands out in my mind, did so before I’d even decided whether or not I even liked the damn thing. And after thinking on it throughout the day I’ve decided it’s kind of awesome.

Even if it doesn’t mean what I think it might, imo good art is generally a question mark, and if nothing else this video is definitely a “?“. Anyways… just a few thoughts I had about it. It definitely seems to have brought out a mixed response from other people; some loving it, others hating it, and a few just saying it’s “fine”. For those who haven’t watched it yet…


9 thoughts on “Deep Six (My Thoughts)

  1. Crikey! That was odd… I’ve had the song on replay for the past few days and didn’t get around to watching the video. Somewhere in the media they called it “phallic” so I didn’t exactly rush to view and cringe…
    But that’s the beauty with MM- you just never know what comes next with him and it’s bloody awesome! Yes, parts of the video were weird but also mesmerizing… hmm…

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  2. I love this guy’s mind. But I’m a little over the trying-to-hard to be shocking bit (visuals). Like Lady Gaga, it’s become a kind of predictable.

    The sound was interesting though, I was interested in what he was saying..

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    • lol I kind of like the over the top “shock” elements, but yeah, musically I’m loving everything from the upcoming album. I think I like sound of “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” just a little more than this one, but imo both are awesome.

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      • Well glad somebody likes the visuals, sure they worked hard enough on em.’ But I have to go listen to the album then, thanks for mentioning that. 🙂 *Making note of that song!*

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  3. I believe snakes are a symbol of sexual desire. And I love the line ‘You know what Zeus said said to Narcissus ‘You better watch yourself’ ‘ haha. Its funny, witty and kind of ridiculous all at the same time. Typical Manson. Oh, and a well written article!

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    • The snake symbolism would definitely make a lot of sense given the way the video was put together… adds an interesting layer to the decievingly bare-bones, minimlaist feel of it.

      “Oh, and a well written article!”

      Thank you 😀 .


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