The Winter Holidays

The winter holidays aren’t my favorite by any stretch of the imagination. What family I still have ties to is overwhelming and the rest, I’m kind of cut off from. Some from my own doing, my own unwillingness to maintain contact, and some because they’re just to far away. My mother and two brothers live a few miles from here and I almost never see them. My dad moved to Texas when I was around 16 and now lives in New Orleans.

The one plus side is that one my my aunts appaently does shit I thought only the famous and the rich do, among them going to Hollywood premieres. The plus is at a family Christmas part I got an invite to the Star Wars premiere slated to come out later this year. At least that’s what I understood it to be, and with all the other events she and my cousin go to… I won’t be surprised if she meant just that. *shrugs*

Even if I misunderstood though, I got invited to go to Hollywood to watch it in a nice gigantic theatre with them. I can only take so much family interaction but… I’m more than willing to endure it for Star Wars. Hopefully it’s going to be awesome. Still a little pissed about the ‘up in the air’ status of the expanded universe (the novels, comics, etc.) with Disney, but if they do for Star Wars what they’ve managed to do with Marvel I think I’ll be okay with that.

That’s really one of the biggest highlights of my Thanksgiving/Christams holidays though. That is, unless you count the nice baseball cap someone got me, the stack of cash on my desk, the new knee length coat I bought myself, and the Pale Emperor single I bought two copies of just before Christmas ($1.99 each without the t-shirt). Would’ve got one with a shirt if the local Best Buy had them (it’s only like $11.99 with the shirt). Yeah… those were all pretty awesome to.

Anyways I thought I ought to wish everyone a…

Merry Christmas!

Better late than never, as they say.

(Originally published on December 26th, 2014)


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