There Is No Audience

Let me just start off by saying the title of this post is bullshit. If you’re writing online, there’s always a potential audience and pretending like you don’t want one isn’t even something I want to to talk about, save to say that you’re a liar. If that were true you would just write in a journal, offline. There’s is always an audience, and the size of it is largely up to you. I watch the waves of people come and go, wax and wane, and it’s mostly in sync with my own activity.

The more I write here the more people stop by; the more I stop by and give people a little of my time, the more likely they are to do the same for me. So if you’re writing online get the idea out of your head that there is no audience. Toss the notion that it’s better to write for yourself without an audience. You’ve apparently decided otherwise so just drop it. The trick… the trick of it is to write as if there weren’t one, all the while knowing there is.

You can’t trust an audience, you can’t rely on it, but don’t kid yourself. You like the attention just as much as anyone. So instead of trying to ignore that just admit it and odo what you were going to do anyways Do something you can look at wih satisfaction after you’re finished. Wanting an audience isn’t a bad thing but it’s a shitty motivator. It’s more of a distraction than anything else. Do what you like, for yourself, and chances are you can have your cake and eat it to.

That’s what I like to think anyways.


17 thoughts on “There Is No Audience

    • There’s a quote I had on my mind when I was writing this post… something along the lines of ‘better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self’, but I’ve always kind of wondered whether it’s even possible to gain an audience in the first place if you aren’t creating (or saying) something for yourself, doing something you believe in and feel.

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    • That’s probably a better, more succint way of putting it. I don’t think I got it across all that well in the post itself, but I find it hard to believe getting an audience is even possible in any meaningful sense if you’re not writing for yourself, putting stuff out there and presenting it in a way you yourself would like if you were your own audience, so I’d say, in essense, we probably feel more or less the same way about it 🙂 .


      • No you did a great job with the post. I think my reasons for being a blogger have evolved. I am always worried that I force a post just to get something out there for reaction. (So yes…I do like the attention sometimes) Some of my posts speak for themselves and I was compelled to write them, to get them out of my head, once in print, I go back and see if they even make sense to me! And my 3-4th glass of wine posts…well, they exist for a different reason. Like the guy who thows pebbles at his long lost girlfriend’s window. 🙂 Facebook is popular for the same reasons. An audience exists. Some people take it way too far, overshare and also try to top each other. So blogging gave me that freedom to stop worrying about judgment. (Or keeping score) Now I need a drink…. 🙂

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