That Fine Line

I saw a quote on what some guy thought of Breaking Bad earlier. He thought it was funny, brilliant, that it blurred the line between light and dark. I don’t like that show  because it “blur the lines” though. I like them because they illustrate that there aren’t any. Same goes or any shows, books, stories, or moral systems. I don’t like them because they muddy the water. I like them because it’s as pure as a jaguar running across the plains. I like it because it’s beautfiful.

Anyone still wrapped up in conventional morality might be jarred into thinking about ther own line in the sand because the story, the individual it centers around, the way it all unfolds… is a euphoric thing to watch. It’s amazing and addictive. It’s awesome. Walter White was a late blooming flower, and the story we’re given in Breaking Bad is the story of how he blossomed. Me though? I just admire the story itself. A lovely five season long masterpeice showing the ravenous heart of man, and what happened when one man (fictional though he may be) finally decided to follow his.

The amorality of Heisenberg is just a breath of fresh air. An essential element of it, definitely, but one that had to be there. That couldn’t have been left out. If it had been, this story would’ve fallen flat. The monstrous outlook, the ‘horrible’ things he did? It doesn’t bother me at all. If I had the skill set and I thought I could make millions off of it, you can bet your ass I’d be cooking meth. Or selling guns. The only reason I don’t happen to be involved in illegal activities on that level is… they don’t call to me the way writing seems to. If they did I would be doing them instead.

One thing I can tell you is I don’t hold it against people that do feel drawn to illegal professions. They’re just following their heart and, well, if there is any sense of “right” and “wrong” in my outlook, that’s about as right as you could ever hope to get. Making your dreams come true is the only “right” thing. Whatever they are. If that’s killing people, so be it. If it’s selling guns or drugs then so what? It just so happens that for me, it’s nothing so high risk.

There’s a fine line between you, me, and a serial killer though: what you’re passionate about, what comes naturally to you, and how willing you are to follow that hungry heart of yours. That’s all.


2 thoughts on “That Fine Line

  1. I loved Breaking Bad for essentially the same reasons. None of the characters were purely good or evil, they just *were*. The whole series is fascinating from a perspective of character analysis and it’s portrayal of a man pursuing his interpretation of the ‘American Dream.’

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    • That’s probably what appeals most to me in a story too, so it hit all the right sweet spots with me. I tend to look at the plot, events, etc. as vehicles of character portrayal and evolution.


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