Writing into the Void

Occasionally I have to work the nerve up to writing where the whole world can see, I’d be lieing if I claimed I didn’t. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that though is through writing where no one sees. I’ve even got a third blog, private, that’s just for me. To write through the nerves, or the lack of ideas, or… whatever else. Because I like writing, but I don’t always have my head in the right place to be speaking from a pulpit in front of others (which is kind of what I do here, whether I think of it that way or not). I need to feel, well, like I’m writing into a void. Like I’m writing to no one at all. Just writing. That’s usually the most enjoyable way I write.

The sharing, the presentation of it, the comments, all come second to that I think. Which is odd because I have a tendency (and one that might even work in my favor) of speaking directly to a faceless somebody, a happenstance reader. Or at least that’s the way it often seems when I write out my thoughts. I prefer thinking of it as writing into the void though, because I can only make something when I’m speaking as a nobody, a no one. When I’m speaking from a place of nothingness. Maybe it’s not so much writing into a void as writing from one… a void where I, whoever and whatever that is, seem to emerge from. Unrestricted, untainted by expectations or anything else. Maybe I should’ve titled this post “Writing from the Void”.


13 thoughts on “Writing into the Void

  1. I think we are all in the void, those of us not writing for the pay check, doesn’t make our words any less valid, there is always a comrade out here where your words make sense. Just stopping by to say that is me, thank you for sharing.

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    • You’re welcome, and thanks for commenting 🙂 . It definitely does pay to remember sometimes that no matter what one might write there’s a chance someone out there will get something out of it, feel something because of it, or even just relate to it.


    • Yeah, you’re more than welcome to share 😀 . I’ve certainly found it helps. Even when it’s just those times when I’m in a pissy mood and don’t want to share my bitching (mostly about myself haha) I think it’s good to have a private space. I can still get it out, still get the catharsis from writing that I’m so addicted to, so seemingly in need of, but I get to maintain my privacy when it comes to doubts, insecurities, frsutration, etc. Plus it sometimes comes in handy as a workspace for story ideas, the ones I don’t really want to leave in a draft folder for forever but that I also don’t really want to post for the public yet. I’d definitely recommend it anyhow 🙂 .


  2. we write..just as we speak..only words are silent until literate eyes read..and the message is registered in the mind..questioned or left untouched..just as throwing a stone in bottomless pit..you know it was thrown..it has a weight..yet never know what it touched as it dropped..has it landed or still moving with gravity..endlessly..forever…

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  3. I like this idea of a private blog as I feel I too often hold back in fear. Fear of whatI’m not sure,I guess approval or of someone “finding out” something about me I’d rather they not. Thanks for the great idea!

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  4. I keep journals (paper books in which I write with actual pens 🙂 ) for this purpose. It’s been critical to me since childhood (a long blooming time) to do this. I have friends who use online journals in this way, as well. I wonder how many writers actually start there then move into the creative and/or public realm.

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    • That’s kind of where I started, I think. I actually still write in an actual journal too but there are a lot of times when I just want to get words flowing and the speed of typing it out takes down one of many impediments to that. I write nonsense quite a bit more than I would like but typing it doesn’t feel like as much effort so in a way, I find it more rewarding. Most of the time anyways.

      Sometimes though, I get tired of the internet and I don’t bother going online. During those stretches of time I like to keep my current journal(s) handy 🙂 . There’s definitely something to be said for handwritten notes, ideas, and drafts. When it comes to books I hate electronics, I won’t buy them. I want my hard copies and I think the world of books would be horrible without that option. I might not feel as strongly about writing things out by hand, but I bring that up because while I love the accessibility, convenience and reach of writing online… physical writing with pen and paper will always have a place in my scribblings 😀 .


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