Better Call Saul

This show reminds me every week why I prefer to watch shows in huge chunks, usually a season at a time. The fuckers that created it have me fiending like some kind of junkie twitching in anticipation of my next fix. Breaking Bad wasn’t like that at all ’cause I started watching it in its last season. They had a ‘binge’ marathon leading up to their finale and I watched it all. Every episode over the course of two or three days. Dexter wasn’t bad either because I only got turned onto it when I bought the first season on DVD. At the time they’d just wrapped up season five or six so every time I ran out of new episodes I’d just set money aside and buy the next season. No waiting. Instant gratification.

It’s not like I do that with every show I watch, but the good ones, the ones I can’t get enough of, I usually watch in more or less the same way. In bulk. I can’t hold it against them though. Monday’s aren’t really Monday’s anymore, they’re the day of my latest fix. Something to look forward to. I’ve got to hand it to them on that one… those Monday meme’s just don’t have the same meaning anymore.

I knew I was going to like it before it even premiered because a) I loved Breaking Bad and b) Saul Goodman kicks ass, but honestly? It pretty much blew my mind from the first episode. I’m not a lawyer but, it’s like I’m watching my own story. Or at least something along the lines of what I’d like mine to be. Starting with zero clients, a piece of shit car, and a tiny lived in office. It’s not like my life at all, but then again it kind of is. He’s starting from nothing. He’s nobody and he’s rising from that as Jimmy McGill. Gradually becoming somebody, evolving into who we’ll later know as Saul Goodman.

More than anything it’s uplifting. Inspiring.

I look at Walter White in the same way I guess but they’re just so different. They’re two completely separate species. It’s a completely unique kind of ascension, without the ruthlessness of Heisenberg and with more and more of his past con artist skills bleeding into his law practice. It’s just awesome.


11 thoughts on “Better Call Saul

  1. I’m a big fan of “Saul” too. Bob Odenkirk has superb comic timing, and I like seeing the old characters like Mike and loco Tuco. I work with lawyers, but no one like Saul. He tries to do the right thing but is stymied at every turn.

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    • I was worried in the first couple episodes that they’d decided to lean on old faces to much, but they turned out to be totally baseless worries. I love the way they’re taking it as an oppurtunity to really give context and flesh out the backstories of some of these characters. Mike’s story, which it looks like they’re going to delve into a bit in the next episode, should be interesting for sure.

      I couldn’t agree more on Odenkirk; I didn’t really know anything about him before this show started but he’s just flat out awesome. The atragious amount of diolaogue he’s got to deliver per episode too… I don’t envy him the staggering amount of meorization that must call for but I’m glad he’s so good at it.

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  2. It had me from Mike in the booth. Jonathan Banks was one of the highlights in BB, and this show had my heart in the first few minutes. I was originally wary of the concept but it’s so good. It’s classy and restrained in the way it’s used the likes of Tucco and Mike too.
    I still think a Badger and Skinny Pete show would be comedic genius. I could nerd out really hard on BB, have watched it countless times and think it holds up really well.

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    • Yeah, Breaking Bad is almost definitely going to withstand the test of time.

      I was worried in the very first episode about them overusing old characters or, you know, leaning to hard on them being the same characters we knew, but I’m totally with you on liking the *way* they’ve been used so far. It really has the feel of it beingwho they were in that time period, people that weren’t yet the guys we saw in BB but that would undoubtedly become them.


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