All The Way Down

Sparks of Insanity

(After the End)

Staring at a blank wall I can’t help but wonder, could it ever have turned out differently? Was there some moment that passed me by, some opportunity for everything to play out another way? I mean if God made us all, then doesn’t that mean he made this way? Condemned. They say free will is his gift to us, but that sounds like an excuse. A cop-out for why, from one generation to the next, most of humanity ends up in hell. It’s not like we get a second chance. Reincarnation is a bunch of bullshit as far as I know.

Wishful thinking.

I’m not holding my breath for it, I can tell you that much. I sold my soul and it’s just not as easy as being reborn, doing things right next time around. No fucking way they let me off that easy. They told me…

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