Comfortable Separation

If it weren’t for the distance writing gives me I don’t think I would love it the way I do. It allows connection to people, to anyone that reads what you’ve written, but it doesn’t require you to give them your energy or attention. Not in the same way face to face interaction requires. Not in the same way as normal, every day interaction with other people. There’s a certain space between me and anyone that reads my freewrites or my fiction, enough to allow me room to think.

To respond to comments at my own pace. To address them the way I want to. That can come after, or it can come before ensuring the quality of what you write. Either way though, it gives you breathing space, all while a piece of yourself is still out on display for others to grab onto.

See, I like recognition and some people are profoundly interesting to me. I also like to articulate my feelings, opinions, etc. But I like my distance too. I like most people being an arm’s length away. Close enough to be in contact with but far enough away that I’m not firmly tied to any of them. It’s nothing personal. In fact, that’s just the point… no matter how vulnerable I might be at any point in time, it’s also kind of impersonal. That distance is there with writing. A sort of comfortable separation.


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