A lot of people talk about their golden years, the best years of their lives, talk about them as if they’re gone and never coming back. They’re right too… but it’s the excuse they use to dwell on them, that those memories, people, places, happenings are all missed. It’s a shit excuse. It’s not like I walk on water either, I’ve had horrible little bouts of nostalgia off and on over the years.

I also happen to know how stupid they are though, and how ridiculous I’m being when I indulge them. Things are never as good as we remember them to be, trying to remake something that never was in the first place. Or they were better, but even when that actually happens to be the case it’s stupid to get caught up in trying to recapture something that’s gone.

More often it’s the former but either way, it’s just a really dim way of going about life either way.


5 thoughts on “Nostalgia

    • Sorry it took so long for your comments to get through (I deleted a repeat of this one); for some reason wordpress relegated them to my spam folder 😦 . Hopefully that won’t happen again. It’s weird for me because on the one hand I get what you mean in the second post you linked to, about realizing that people didn’t suck as much as I might’ve once thought for failing to live up to childhood expectations. I still don’t believe in growing up though, tbh. I just won’t do it, no matter how much it seems otherwise sometimes I refuse to be “mature”. I’m just me, and I get older and more myself but I doubt I’ll ever ‘grow up’ in the conventional sense.

      As to the first one… lol, I can’t quite speak to that yet. I do get the gist of it though, lifes sick sense of humor. After all, a few years ago I realized I was older than my Dad had been when I was born, and sometimes I don’t even recognize the face in the mirror… I just don’t know what to think of that sometimes, I just kind of… wonder at it, I guess you could say, baffled and at a loss for where the years went.

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  1. As a person who often falls to the comforting trap of nostalgia, this read was a bucket of cold water! And you know what? I thank you for being so blunt about nostalgia. Maybe next time I will dwell less on what has been and instead focus more on what I can do and experience in the present.
    *tipping hat*

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