Sin is Sincere

Part of what I’ll always love about sin is the effortless nature of it. You exist therefore you sin. So taking all these human characteristics, listing them and designating each one as something to repent for is built in manipulation for anyone that believes in that good ol’ ‘one true god’. If you follow the doctrine then you’re doing something wrong no matter what you do. Which I always thought was doubly funny given that we’re also supposedly ‘made in god’s image’. If god is so fucking perfect and he made humanity, why aren’t we? Fact is, even if there’s a god he isn’t worth worshiping just on that basis alone. The myths don’t depict him as virtuous or truly loving.

There are massacres, deranged ‘tests’ of faith, and vicious examples of his jealousy in the the biblical stories. There is destruction on a scale beyond any true comprehension. As far as I’m concerned religion encourages willful slavery to something that doesn’t exist, and to something that’s no better than us if it does. Just bigger. And you know… fair enough. The one with the biggest stick gets to say what you can and can’t do (might makes right) but I have yet to recieve my lickings and I’m as amoral as it gets without being a full blown criminal. That alone ought to be enough to raise some doubt, if only because I can get away with it.

I’ll grant it’s possible that I’m fine now, but slated for my fair share of misery later on in hell. I’ve never died before though so I wouldn’t know, and neither would any pompous, ignorant douche presumptuous enough to tell me what’s going to happen when I do. They don’t know any more about the possibility of an after life than I do (let alone what it would actually be like). I’ve felt a little hesitant about religious reflections lately, but that’s not because intellectually warring against religion is a bad thing. It’s that I question what atheist would want to be associated with me. Ultimately it doesn’t matter though. My credibility isn’t reliant on my moral compass (or lack thereof).

It’s dependent on the truth. None of us really know what that is, but just because our perceptions and understanding is subjective doesn’t mean they’re all invalid or innacurate. Some subjective opinions are closer to the truth than others. And the reality of things wins out no matter what we think of them. In that sense, our understanding (or lack thereof) is irrelevant. Reality is there for anyone to observe though, as long as they’re willing. I like to think of myself as one of the observant ones, but people can (and will) always pit my words against their own experience. Some will see a correlation between my worldview and the way the world actually works. Some won’t.

That’s not something I worry much about though.

It’s up to each and every one of us to decide on our own. All I can do is persuade and reason with people. The kind of effect it has is always left to them, ultimately. They choose. You choose. All of us.

All the while we’re all to proud to think we’re truly wrong. Sure we look back and realize how mistaken we were in the past – sometimes – but in the present, vanity and pride always win out. Without fail.


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