Debate is a Distraction

Debating isn’t really the game plan I have in mind, generally speaking. I don’t censor anyone commenting but I also don’t write here to give other people a voice. They can do that on their own blog, and without going around in circles with me because they feel differently about this or that. You could say that one of my goals is to inspire thoughts and feelings, but I’m not here to agree with you, and I’m not here to argue. Oppositional opinion is fine by me, in fact it’s inevitable for someone putting pieces of his heart on display, but it’s not what I want my online activities to revolve around.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t bother with discussion forums much anymore. I’m tired of discussing things, going back and forth, rephrasing old views in new ways just because someone else decides to bring it up again. Tired of arguing with people who disagree or nitpick just to have something to argue about, because I swear it seems like willful misunderstanding sometimes.

That’s one of the reasons the comments here are set to only go two or three replies deep; you can get around that if you make you’re reply to the original comment a person made, but community and equal footing aren’t real high on my list of priorities. Saying that might make it seem like I’m not open to comments here, or appreciative of the people who come to this site to read the posts here, but that’s not really the case at all. There really aren’t words to capture how appreciative I feel, about people wanting to read the stuff I write, and about them taking the time to say something about it.

It’s a paradox I’ve talked about more than once here, and honestly… it’s just a matter of dissonant elements I have to deal with. Elements that I dare say all people have to deal with one some level. There are personal reasons, the needs you fulfill, the self-centered nature of it all… and the dissonance always comes in while trying express appreciation for the attention others give you without being distracted or derailed by it. Because the essential nature of following your heart is selfish. It’s vain, indulgent, and that’s what makes it so attractive to others.

Focus too much on the appreciation you feel for anyone that recognizes your efforts, and you lose the heart of those efforts. Then, eventually, you lose the recognition. Unless you shift the focus back to where it belongs: on yourself. In the scheme of things debate is, more than anything, a distraction.

This is something I’ve touched on before and I’ll probably have even more to say about it but…

I’ll just leave it at that for the moment. Maybe add to it in another post later.


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