Seemingly Apart

The way I talk about connecting with people, the seeming distance writing can grant you, it’s not so much about keeping people a comfortable ways away or dealing with them in a “better” way. It’s more about the fact that it allows you to deal with people on your own terms. That’s something we all try to do in our own way too, tailoring our interactions to accomodate our emotional and social preferences so it’s not like writing is the only way to achieve that specific kind of aloofness. Writing…

Well, it just happens to be one of my favorite.

Plenty of other people get that kind of indirect attention in their own kind of work.

Movie stars are an easy example to point to ’cause it gives a clear idea of what I mean. You get to know a part of these people through their work but they’re not known by fans the same way one of their friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, or mothers would know them. It gives them the opportunity to know a hell of a lot more people, to have more influence on the world as a while, but gives them the distance from all those possibilities to pick and choose and makes them visible to others.

In a Nutshell

There are plenty of ways to be apart while also making yourself open to the rest of the world.
The beauty isn’t in the distance, it’s in dealing with people, close or from afar, on my own terms.


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