These Hungry Beasts

“Sometimes it’s a struggle to find what to write about, don’t you agree?
A blog is like a hungry beast, always asking for more.”
~Mary Jaksch, 10 Ways to Refuel Your Creativity

I think for me that’s part of the appeal. See, I have this view of people, of myself, that essentially boils down to us being “hungry beasts”. Clever ones, but still just animals driven by a primal drive. By our hearts. So when I see a blog being looked at the same way I can’t help but think that it’s part of the appeal. A symbiotic, artificial little pet. A reflection of our true nature, one we’re all to eager to feed and one we’re often guilty of neglecting, both in feeling the guilt and fulfilling our responsibility to it. Our need to serve it.

Asking which is really the master isn’t all that great of a question either, not even when you’re talking about the emotions themselves. No one wants to think of themself as a slave to their emotions. And yet that’s exactly what we are if you want to think of it in those terms. We serve our blogs by feeding them, feel bad when we don’t. Serve our emotions by listening to them, feel impotent when we don’t. I’m partial to thinking of myself as master by default, because no matter what happens I’m the one who let it. Look at it this way…

If I get pissed and break something I’m not going to say “I wasn’t myself”. On that same note if I don’t post here for weeks I’m not going to say “I wasn’t myself”. That’s why I don’t apologize when I go for days or weeks without writing anything here. I don’t owe anyone but myself an apology and, really there’s just nothing to apologize for. I am who I am, what I am, how I am. Feeling guilty about that is a waste of time and energy.

 (Written this on October 14th, 2014)


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